Steps: 16/16 to 64/64

I’ve been digging around trying to find an answer to this seemingly simple question/scenario: Say I have 3 or four tracks of audio that I’ve created when in 16/16(steps). On each track there are sliced samples with all kinds of p-locks. Now to keep things from being so repetitive I want to change to 64/64. How do you copy from the first 16 steps across all the rest so you have 64 steps? I’ve tried to copy/paste the track but that doesn’t work. Simply placing trigs isn’t that big of a deal but when you have 16 trigs all with different tweaks copying and pasting across 48 more steps is ridiculous!

Hey :slight_smile:
In record mode >> hold the page scale button and press copy while the page of trigs you want to move is selected.

go to your blank pages and press page scale again + paste to get them there

There is also an option to autocopy the page.

Gaaaahhhhhh fooled by the Octatrack again!

Thank you both for that!