Stereo Sidechain?

I don’t know if im missing something, but they give the impression that you can route stereo audio through the Rytm, but I’m not sure that extends to using 2 tracks (Let’s say LT and MT as they are truly seperate) as a stereo pair? I know you can use the Main L/R but that doesnt get you the filters and OD which is really what Im after…

I was trying everything last night to route Serum though the Rytm in a stereo manner so that I could use the filters OD etc, but could only get the left channel working.

Gonna go back and have another shot just now, maybe I was tired, but perhaps someone else has some experience here?


The manual shows that the external input is after the distortion and before the compressor. Maybe you are thinking of the A4, where you can route the ext inputs through the voices.