Sticky trig and bank button

Now then chaps,
Noticed this morning that my track 1 trig and bank A/E buttons are both sticky and not springing straight back out.
It’s almost like they have some sort of gunk in them but I know for definate that nothing has been split on it and I’ve treated it with the upmost care since I’ve had it.
Has anybody else experienced this?
I’m two months from the end of my warranty so it shouldn’t be an issue for Elektron to fix it but was just trying to avoid sending it to Sweden from the UK.

I had this problem when I upgraded from an MK I to an MK II. It was an easy fix for me. This is what I did.

Gently pull all the knobs off.

Next, get a hex screw driver and take the the top panel off.

Test the trig and bank button. If they are not sticking anymore, the top case is making contact with the keys and making them stick. If they are still sticking then you’ve got a bigger problem.

Mine where rubbing against the top cover. So I just took a small file to the insides of the button cutouts on the case. That solved my problem.

Hope this helps

Thanks dude.
I’m just slightly weary about invalidating my warranty if I take it apart. I’ve only got a month left on it as it is so msybe I just man up and do it… decisions, decisions…