Stil issues pattern changes Model Cycles / Ableton

I stil have issue to start a Paternotte change at the start of a New scène or beginning of a arrangement part. Allthough in sync it willallways start at kwast 1 measure later.

Any Solution?

Put change near end of leading pattern to give time for change.

Give that a try.

Sounds more like a workaround richt?
Shouf this kot Work normal like any other midi device?

It is

I wrestled with it a long time. Decided, it was the same amount of werk setting a pattern change before the next loop as setting the change at the start of the new loop.

It make sense that the pattern change is cued up when the message is sent and will complete the current loop before making a change. BUT a lot of devices will react when change is received, perhaps that message has priority?

What made me struggle with it was the MD and MPC. I just pick those cuz I have them.
They both have the option for direct change. It will change immediately any time. More baffling was that the MD, first elektron box with sequencer, had pattern change options and none of the others do. It’s just cue.

So long and short, yes it’s a werk-around, but takes no extra effort. Just a little more organization. Regardless you gotta learn diff techs for diff gear…so learn it, roll with it, make a huge track, sell millions, retire :+1:t6:

Me…I just plug away trying to not make shitty loops.

My issue is that that solution Will not Work in scène.