Still can't calibrate the CV on my A4 after updating the OS

I cannot figure out how to calibrate the CV output on the A4 after i updated the OS. The video doesn’t help as it refers to the A4k. How the hell do i do this?

The procedure is the same as on the AK, the question is, what kind of external gear do you want your A4 to calibrate to?

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Anyway, I set up my Analog Keys to control a synth via CV yesterday and that tutorial also made a questionmark raise in my head. But I got it after a brief look into the manual.
The thing that they miss to show in the video is that you have to go in your globals. There is a category called CV setup or something like that.
So activate your CV track and for example CV 1. In my case this was set to gate. So I went into that cv setup in the globals, like described above. There I could change the TYPE to V/oct.
Et voila, then you can tune that guy (also in the globals)
If your keyboard is in middle octave, use the leftmost key (C4). and send something about 0.00 Volt for that.
For the second voltage I think I chose C7, so three octaves up and had to calibrate it to something a little over 3 Volt. I used a tuner, very handy for this operation.
I hope this will work for you.

full setup should be available directly, from memory, without menu diving, fn+CVA etc, calibrating may take menu diving

there will be supplemental notes in the OS release notes too, bundled with every OS, not always in the manual fwiw, always check there too

The A4k has the 4 outputs used to help with the calibration. The A4 doesn’t have these, so i don’t know what to do. I’m using the Intellijel Atlantis with my A4. The CV is all out of whack after updating the OS.

in what way do the individual outs matter ?, if you need to audition a note at a given frequency send it out the main outs, they both have an identical cv setup, don’t see what the issue is here, can you be more specific

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I calibrated all my intellijel modules with no problem. What’s the issue, exactly? Not sure how to help. If you have a quantizer after the Atlantis, make sure you bypass it. Really, you should just be calibrating directly into the pitch in.

Random newbie q…

My ak is ordered but I don’t have it yet, so possible this will be answered when I use it it, however I am not clear why this step is required.

Have worked with cv for sometime and have always just tuned the oscillator directly . I would imagine I would simple press middle c, tune my oscillator to that note and be done with it.

Seems like much more trouble to go through this process, what am I missing?

Some synths may need voltage scaling to be set up (for example, where they use a nominal 1 V/octave scaling but the actual scaling is slightly off from that value).

I get why you would need to tell the ak to output v/octave or hz/octave, which is an amazing feature btw, assumed we were talking about calibrating the keys to your oscillators pitch, which I believe you can also do… That’s the function my response was directed at.

Regardless, extra feature are my a bad thing I suppose

Yes, you can tune the AK/AK’s oscillators.

As far as I can tell, the thread is about setting up the CV control of external synthesizers.

Hope there’s no more confusion!

quote:The A4k has the 4 outputs used to help with the calibration. The A4 doesn’t have these, so i don’t know what to do. I’m using the Intellijel Atlantis with my A4. The CV is all out of whack after updating the OS.

You do not need these outputs that are on the AK. In the video they use them because they routed the output of the modular synth to the input of the AK (and on track 1 the Osc1 set to audio in) and in order to tune it (with tuner) they took the seperate output of track 1 and fed that to the tuner.

Way simpler: Output from modular synth to tuner in, tuner out to Mixer (or amp or whatever you are monitoring your sound with).
They did it the other way in the video to be able to use the effects section of the AK for the modular synth voice. But of course, this will eat up one track. So I didn´t do it.

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Basically you are right. Tune the modular and because of the 1V/Oct CV architecture it should track fine. But it gives you also the option to really fine-calibrate this tracking. For example if you have a bad tracking Oscillator you can correct this with the A4 CV calibration. Have a fine middle note C4 with exactly 0.000 Volt and still a very good C8 with 4.107V (instead of exactly 4.000V), for example.
Or, if you want it, go experimental: C4=0.000V and C8=8.000V. This would allow you to have a range of 2 Octaves with the Keyboard notes of one Octave.
Or what about a golden ratio instead of an Octave? C4=0.000V and C5=1.618V!
Or control a Buchla with it. It has 1.2V/Oct. standard.
I do not recommend you to calibrate the A4 or AK to the external CV controlled synth though. Much easier the other way around. And there is also one problem. Since the ratio from one to the next semitone in the AK is always the same and fix (equal temperament) it could be the case that you finetune the AK to the C4 of the Modular Osc and find out that the AK will be totally out of tune at C1 or C7. Which is not the case, it is only bad tracking from the modular Osc. That is why you have the CV calibration.
I hope I could clarify and help.