Stock Sounds MKI

Anyone have a sysex file for the stock sounds on the A4? I dont’ want to do a reset cause of all my work and organization, but I would like those sounds back.

Bump. Anyone got a MKI they can hook me up with?

I think I still have Preset Project with stock sounds, MKI. Is that you would like to have ?
I’ve never dumped sysex with Elektron gear…

If you go into the sound manager and +Drive, pick Bank A, select all sounds, you can send them via sysex to C6 and then save the file. Same with Bank B. I can give you more detailed instructions if you need them and would be willing to rock it.

I can do it, but later, I haven’t installed C6 yet.

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Just in case you need instructions:

  1. Plug MIDI out of your interface to MIDI in of A4, MIDI out of the A4 to MIDI in of your interface.
  2. In C6, click CONFIGURE and make sure that your MIDI interface is selected.
  3. Function+Sound then click on the Sound Manager. Go to the 1st bank with the factory presets.
  4. Use the right arrow button to go to the right menu, scroll down and click SELECT ALL.
  5. In C6, click the RECEIVE button.
  6. Back in the right menu of the Sound Manager where you hit SELECT ALL, scroll down further and click SEND SYSEX.
  7. Once it’s done, you can save the file via C6.

Repeat steps 3-7 again for the 2nd factory bank.

Thank you so much!

Select all = 1665 sounds selected ! Normal ?

Oh damn. Haha. Nope. So whichever bank the sounds are in, just click that button on the step sequencer. Then it should only show that bank. So SEQ button 1 for A, SEQ button 2 for B, etc.

1665 seems normal. A-N banks. What if I export them all at the same time ?

Right. That would save them all in one big file and I won’t be able to load it into specific banks. In which banks do you have the Factory sounds? Those are the only ones I am looking to get.

A-N apparently.
IIRC I made a reset. I didn’t import sounds in the Preset project.

I don’t recall the A4 coming with that many sounds. Damn. Ok. Can you tell me what the names of the first 2 sounds are in each of banks A and B? I can compare it to my list. I don’t want to make you export each bank individually of the A-N. That’d be more work than I’m comfortable asking you to do. haha


Correct sentence.

Just in case, I’ll mention that a factory reset just replaces project slot 1 with the presets project, and overwrites sound bank A and B, it doesn’t erase other projects or sound banks…

So if you just copy your sound bank A and B somewhere and if you have a project in slot 1 move it, you’ll get the factory sounds in banks A and B and can move them and put the other ones back if you need, without loosing anything…


Oh snap! I’ll try that right now!

:warning: Just make sure you don’t have a project in slot 1 or any sounds in bank A or B you want to keep…:warning:

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Done! It worked!


So @Open_Mike told me how to get the sounds back, so I’m all good. Thank you so much for what you did to try and help me out!


You’re welcome, it was intesting to try.
Ok so that means I didn’t reset former sounds (second hand A4), but only A B banks ?

If you got your A4 used and did a factory reset, it’ll still have sounds in banks above B from the previous owner…
“Format +Drive” is what would delete all those, but also all projects and everything else…