sTONEs an Album by Tchu

I’m very pleased to present my second bandcamp Album. Enjoy!

Edit : I’ve added a 10th Track (the first on the Album) as it fits more on this Album then the next one who will be available very soon.

Edit : I will add a description of the gear used for each Track on bandcamp (if I remember).

Edit : Adding a video of Nostalgia


Immediately wishlisted for next Bandcamp Friday!


Oh yeah, thanks @jemmons! I’m really pleased that my humble music reaches you. Have a good listen. :pray: :brown_heart:

Now I am excited!
Already liking track 2 to 5 in a row very much. :totes:

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Oh yeah, thanks @7schlaf! I’m honoured that you like it as I really like what you do. I hope that you will release something soon (your Syntakt Tracks (and more) are crazy awesome!). :pray: :brown_heart:

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Love it. Great atmosphere, excellent blend with rhythm and free form pieces. Got an uncanny vibe in a great way, which is very appealing.


Snagged. I have a boat load of reports to build tomorrow before taking some vacation; this album seems perfect for the job


Nice! Perfect atmosphere for this morning!

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Improbable Nostalgia, Damoclès.

are my fav.

I like effem, Microtone too!

All great tracks though!

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Love the Nostalgia track. Really beautiful.

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Congrats Nice!!!

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gorgeous textures. albums is full of life :ecstatic:

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Really great - it’s a cool rainy day here and it suits the mood nicely.

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Congrats @Tchu, excited to check this out later today.

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Beautiful stuff my friend, gonna share with more friends.

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Thanks @circuitghost! I like your description, it’s right on. :pray: :hearts:

Thanks for the support @braken, I really appreciate it! I hope this has help with the reports. :hearts: :pray:

Thanks for the support @LyingDalai! I hope you had a good morning. :pray:

Thanks for the support @Nils! Enjoy the ride! :hearts: :pray:

Thank you @blakewalt! It’s always good to know which Tracks appeal the most. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment and for listening! :hearts: :pray:

Thanks @Bwax! UDO Super 6 and Microcosm on this one. :hearts: :pray:

Thank you @elektrobot7! :hearts: :pray:

Thank you @Unifono! :hearts: :pray:


Thank you @comradecry, that’s a great compliment! :hearts: :pray:

Thank you @no-thanks! I’m sure Nostalgia, in particular, is up for the duty on a rainy day. :hearts: :pray:

Thanks @maymind_trax! Have a nice listen! :hearts: :pray:

Thank you so much @your_lamp! Sharing is caring. :hearts: :pray:

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This is great, @Tchu. Agree with what’s been said here already, but lot of really nice cinematic textures and I love all of the room to breathe in the grooves. Were all of these recorded live and tracked to stereo? Or were they recorded multi-track style? Tell us more, if you care to share.

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