Stop me from buying a Pioneer Toraiz

I’m looking for a new hardware sampler and sequencer I was almost sure about getting an OT. Now I found more information about the Pioneer Toraiz and I’m confused.

I’m mostly creating with a modular setup, some synths and plugins but I need something to control them reliably. I’m not into extensive sample mangling since the creative sound design happens on my synths (and some DAW FX). In other words: I need a hardware to cage the crazy random stuff and at the same time sequence some synths.

I have in mind two setups:
A: everything connected (Analog Rytm, Toraiz/OT, Synths) -> Interface
DAW as a mixer (bigger live performances / studio production)

B: just AR + Toraiz/OT (smaller live performances)

here are the pros and cons I found

Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

  • 8 outputs (vs 4)
  • Dave Smith filters (but only as bus filter (as insert fx in firm. 1.3))
  • big color touch screen + 16 pads
  • young update cycle
  • better sound quality (?)


  • only digital fx filters for each track
  • sample length is limited to 32 seconds


  • crossfader (for fake dj scratching)
  • smaller and stacks nicely to my Analog Rytm with wooden sides
  • polyrhythms

What else would I miss if I go for a Toraiz instead of an Octatrack?

Wait for the new mpc.
Didn’t know about toraiz sample length limit. That blows.


Can’t comment on the Toraiz but you should look into Octatrack scenes - the fader does a lot more than fake DJ scratching :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry, it was a joke I couldn’t resist


As said below, wait for the announcement on the MPCs, NAMM is just behind the corner…

I’d hold off and check the AKAI Live + Akai X out before buying in this area.

Re toraiz vs OT. You’ll prob be happy with either. Toraiz looks a lot less inspirational/creative than OT from what I’ve seen. But has twice as many tracks and more separate outs etc. I’d go for OT personally but maybe someone with both units can give you more balanced advice :wink:

I actively use an AR paired with the Toraiz. I do the polyrhythms on the ar and do phrase sampling, stem/loops and 4/4 stuff on the toraiz. Filters are digital but very good. No regrets from me so far. It’s definitely geared toward four on the floor genres like house trance and techno. The 32 second limit, while a pain for extremely long or evolving sounds, hasn’t really come up as a problem for me because most of my music is one shot/timestretch phrase based with live tweaking on the ar and toraiz sound params. I leave the dj work like multi minute recordings and live remix stuff to my band mate on Traktor. I have stemmed out a couple of my songs so he can play them without a playback limit. To take advantage of the dsi filters, I leave the toraiz channel 16 as a thru channel and patch the stereo outs from the AR into the toraiz inputs. I hook the toraiz out Into deck d on traktor and sync both machines to traktor’s midi clock over USB. When I’m jamming alone I just use plain old din midi and a DJ mixer. I’m usually just sampling my big rack o’ gear so I don’t have to take it on the road with me, but love a few good quality drum samples where I can get em.



I too must say wait for the new MPC Live. It’s battery powered so it makes it more convenient.

I just sold my Octatrack yesterday (!!!) but kept my Toraiz. For MY purposes, I Wasn’t using as much of the OT to justify keeping it (but I have gone deep on the OT in the past and used it to play backing tracks at gigs in the past too, but I no longer gig).

The Toraiz is instant creativity for me (much more than the OT IME) and sounds amazing - it really did stand out over the OT in my view. It partners very well with my Tempest.

But as the others have rightly suggested above, I would definitely wait and see what NAMM brings. The new MPC’s might just top both the OT and Toraiz for YOUR setup / needs.

Having said all that - they are all great pieces of gear :slight_smile:

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Wait for Namm no matter what you want!