Stopping a Plays Free track without stopping other tracks?

Is there a way to stop Plays Free tracks without hitting the stop button and stopping all the other tracks that are currently playing? I’ve tried to hit the corresponding track button and stop but it only stops it for one cycle.

Track and stop is the way… Something else must be going on in your case but cant think what rn

Also, I think maybe there is a trig mode for plays free like there is for recorders - ‘one’ and ‘one2’ ? If so, in one if those modes pressing track trig again should stop it according to trig length setting…

Just guesses can’t get to OT now


You mean it starts again after stop ?
Surprising. Incoming midi notes ?

As @Clancy mentioned, the ONE2 mode let you stop free tracks when you press the trig again.


Right! The One2 is what I was missing. Thanks!

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As always, thank you for being you :slight_smile:


Still have an issue.

The track stops fine but the sample keeps playing. How to make them both stop?

Try turning the HOLD up to 126 or INF and the release to 0 and see what happens.

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Slices if possible.

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This was ok. Using LEN with setup for Time is ok too.

Not what I was looking for though. :confused:

Thanks for the help though!

Once triggered, the sample is played according to LEN / Loop mode / Hold / Release.
I think only slices can help to stop an audio free track with ONE2

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If in slice mode, what about adding a silent slice and launching that?

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