Storing presets

Hey Guys,

it’s a simple question, but i didn’t find a solution till now.
I don’t like the starting sounds of a new project and sometimes i hear different drum sounds on my compositions, for example an 808, or a acoustic drum set and so forth.
How can i store my favorite 808 Sounds and fire them up without loading them from the +Drive?


You can’t, all samples need to be put on the +drive

so, i can’t make my own starting patch? Wow…insane, hope this gets fixed in the next update. I think this is very important if you have a very creative phase and you just want to fire up your favorite drum rack

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That isn’t really what you asked… What do you mean by starting patch?

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oo sorry, so didn’t make my self clear :smiley:
Okay let’s say, I got an idea… a bassline and a a melody, let’s say but again i hear that FlyLo kinda drums in my head. I got my samples on my digitakt drive but going there, searching for the samples, loading them to the ram drive and setting them onto the audio tracks and making all the adjustments i always do on my snare, kik and so on, does take to much time. I wann build my own custom Drumkit/Drumrack/Drumpatch and load it up when i need it, so i can immediately start jaming without doing all the steps i mentioned before.
Is this more understandable ? :smiley:

That would be where “sounds” come into play. Press func+the little button with 3 squares on it. Choose “export sound”, pick and empty slot and name it/save it. Func+level/data knob to access the sounds you’ve saved.


What @hotscience said is what you are looking for. A sound is a sample plus it’s adjustments.


Thanks, for your fast respond. I guess thats the only way, but at least it’s faster :smiley:


You could also have several projects saved with different types of samples and sounds already loaded. For example your fly lo project, boom bap project, lofi, etc


Accessing sounds, not samples, is actually incredibly quick. Func+level knob. And you can make a “kit” of sounds as sounds can be saved in different banks.

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hi guys. @Jack_69 there’s a solution proposed by enrique martinez in his youtube channel. You prepare different classical kits in a special track called “presets” or whatever you want, then when you want your 808, you just go to this track and copy the pattern then making a new track and past it. nice to be quicker. Here is the link to the full and short well done tutorial.



haha thanks! :smiley: 10 months later i got wiser
cheers my friend

Hahah well better late than never :point_up: