Strange behavior when recording parameter locks

loaded some single cycle waveforms into memory.

played something where the notes played have longer sustain and release. sounds great. [super fast sloppy loop for vid]

then recorded another pass live recording manual modulation of the filter cutoff…in doing so, the release of the notes get truncated on each trig. killing the vibe. so live recording modulated filter cutoff messes up release on sustained notes.
not good.
. PLEASE tell if i am. the other boxes do not behave this way.

this is bumming me out…i want this thing, SO BADLY, to be good…as it sounds super nice.

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Not behind the digitakt at the moment so I’m not sure if it works, but try setting those modulation trigs to length infinite on the trig page.

It comes from the weird behavior of trigless trigs wich reset everything unlocked :frowning:
Discussed here