STROM instructions


could someone give details on how each STRÖM key operates ?
I got some from a previous post but the latest update has some new un-explained.
Is cycle A same as cycle B ?
What are those up and down arrows below randomize kit ?

Thank you.


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This a request for @void

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should I write to void directly ?

Not initially, please ask here, then everyone will benefit as this thread is easier to find or perhaps the answer could be waiting, @void wild be notified if you write in that thread, he’ll be notified now we’ve name checked him here too, but in terms of collating useful knowledge, best to ask there, perhaps another user can chip in too


Hi there!

the up/down arrows in kit mode are for rotating/swapping sounds between tracks.

e.g. if two tracks are selected, and you press up or down, the sounds are swapped. If you select more than two tracks, the up arrow shifts sounds upwards, the down arrow shifts them downwards between tracks. the lowest/highest sound is wrapped around…

Note that only parameters from the selected parameter pages are affected.
so if only the LFO page is selected, it will rotate LFO settings between tracks…

There’s some bugness in this functionality, will be fixed in next version…

it’s the same as the up/down arrows on the pattern page, but for sound instead of sequencer tracks.

cycle mode a/b difference:
try an empty pattern, set amount slider to max, full range. Select bd/sd/cp tracks. tap the Euclid button.

in cycle a mode, the generated sequence will be bd,sd,cp,sd,bd,sd etc…
in cycle b mode, it will be bd,sd,cp,cp,sd,bd,bd,sd etc…

explore the different modes, it’s easiest to figure out what’s going on with a small number of tracks selected!

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would it be possible to make STROM a file sharing app ?
I mean, by connecting the ipad to the mac/pc via usb, to show the strom folder available on itunes for quick file uploading.
It doesn’t show on mine.



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hi! yes, maybe…
I’m currently making bigger changes.
not sure if I’m going to implement iTunes file drop… It’s pretty much legacy tech… but iCloud Drive, likely!

Fantastic news. Looking forward to an update.

Hello again.
Why choose iCloud Drive ?
Why should we connect to internet, upload data and download ir back ?
Many times, we work where there is no Internet, why should we depend on that ?
Thank you


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Not sure, but doesn’t the iCloud data still cache on the device? It’s just used for syncing between multiple devices…I don’t think you need to be connected to the network to access the data, unless it was created on ANOTHER device and needs to sync.

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yes, iCloud would just be for syncing local state between devices…
e.g., if you have an iPad and a certain smaller idevice…

iCloud Drive is a bit like dropbox, lets you easily dump samples in Finder in macOS and even Windows and makes them available on iOS.

but I see your point! sure would be good to have it without internet connection… iTunes drop is on the list…

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