Strom Rytm App Video

This App alone is worth getting an iPad.

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Crazy cool! Nice one Void!

let it be known that I couldn’t have done this without help from Cenk!
a really big thank you!!


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VOID, you’re crazy talented :slight_smile:

holy shit! literally going to buy an iPad just for this - can anyone recommend a good one that i could buy used - for not massive amounts of money???

seriously talented man - keep it lit!


Oh shut up all of you and just take my money!!

This looks frickin’ awesome! Nice work!

share this video as if there’s no tomorrow :slight_smile: :alien:

I might buy an Analog Rytm just for this!

go for it Peter, it is as fun as it looks :+1:

holy shit. pre-order cant arrive quick enough!

Cool app, void! Congrats!

p.s.: Dear Elektron: Apps like this are exactly the reason why the AR needs Sample-Upload-To-RAM support (see ticket #5912)

Wow! Now that’s an impressive smörgåsbord of features you managed to put into one app.

Keep up the good work!

Amazing stuff!!

Integrating Some kind of song mixer/Pattern sequencer would be amazing (kind of like the fader on octatrack but to change from some pattern in song A to some pattern in song B.

Not morfing but combining some sounds/tracks from one pattern with the other …

Great work!

Is the Ctrl-All and Randomize stuff compatible with the A4?

it’s not compatible - this app is strictly for AR - but also not hard to port it over… mostly UI work :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t go for anything less than a 32gb iPad 4. The current Air is going to be phased out in the fall for a new model (and maybe a larger one as well?), and iOS 8 will probably push anything earlier out of the update cycle.

it would be nice if apple would give a longer lifetime to their products…it’s starting to get a bit ridiculous…a product upgrade almost once a year?! :astonished: … how should someone be able to keep up with this? would have not been easier to just wait a bit more and develop things which they would then stick in the next product? (nope, let’s make more money, that’s what counts)… since steve jobs left things have changed a lot at apple, too bad… (or at least that’s the way i feel about it) it seems like the world is getting richer and richer every year, but judging from what’s happening, i’m probably wrong…ach well…


Very cool!

Put some pants on next time. :joy: