Studio setup for optimal acoustics - reading material?

hey 'nauts -

Asking here as I’ve had good results previously with book recommendations. I’m pondering ways to improve the low end frequency response in my basement studio and on the prowl for reading material…but I’m specifically looking for books on studio design and setup aimed at the amateur/hobby level as opposed to any any heady high level physics or proper professional studio building guides. I have decent space, all things considered - about 10m x 7 m in a basement, but despite having 7 RealTraps hung in various spots, I’m getting very uneven low end. A large part of that is probably due to where I have my speakers and desk in this space, and the place i have them currently is a result of a few things in this room that I could fairly easily alter. Namely, there’s a large closet in the corner that I’m working around that pretty much cuts the rectangular space into something of an “L” shape.

If I removed this closet (easy enough and essentially free) I’d open up my options for where I position my mixing desk quite a bit. So that’s what I plan to do, but it’s still going to be a time consuming project as I’d have to to break down everything and pack it to be safe and clear from dust and other dangers of demolition. So I’m taking a breath before diving in and thought I should spend the time reading up on acoustics to see what I can learn to make this process more successful.

But the books I’ve found to date are either too simple or too complicated. I’m not a pro and have little budget, so I don’t really want to fill my head with the nuances of ideal studio construction. Rather, I’d love to have a lighter read on the subject but still improve my knowledge as I go through it. Anyone read such a book?

Check out sound on sounds studio sos articles! Aimed at homestudio owners! Otherwise the studio design forum for the next level.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

A couple of other things to consider:

Correct size and accurate monitors for room, most people tend to go too large.
Monitor at between 75-85db depending on room size.
Get a SPL meter - this will help with setting correct monitoring level, and help you to identify where any modes are.
Good comfortable open back accurate headphones can provide a good sanity check.
Correct placement of monitors.