Styleflip skins

I notice that Styleflip offer skins for some Elektron gear, but I don’t recall seeing (m)any users here on the forum posting pics of their machines, anyone got any experience with a Styleflip skin on Elektron gear? Pics?

Specifically interested in mkI AR and A4 as thinking of getting those.


Used them years ago for an mpc1000.

Quality was fantastic. Easy to apply too. I did just get a white one with black text so I don’t know how an image might look however


Yeah TBH I’d go for a fairly plain one too, probably to match up with OTmkII, maybe a custom logo and a few extra text labels on AR and A4, not some epic anime artwork :wink:

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Funny you should mention about an anime theme. Considered getting a red skin made with images of the decals on kanedas bike from Akira. Hope you get sorted dude!


Well if you gonna go anime then there isn’t much that tops that!


Thinking of going with these designs, pretty simple just to better match the OTmkII:

Two problems though, for the A4 they don’t seem to have full wrap as an option, and for the Rytm there is no option to change the colour of the function text as it is in the same layer as the main text.
I am going to contact them and if these can be resolved then I will order them.

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