Sub37 clock sync issues

Hi folks

Just cannot get this sorted:

Prophet 6 works totally fine receiving the clock from Octatrack, the LFOs sync perfectly and on the trigger/beat when Play is pressed on Octatrack (the sequencer of prophet also starts on trigger/beat when used and is in perfect sync)

Sub37 just will not play ball, it is receiving Clock from Octatrack fine but when play is pressed on the Octatrack with a trigger the Sub37 synced LFO filters etc or arp’ play off beat (at correct BPM but shifted off beat). The only thing I can think of is that the Sub 37 needs a ‘start message’ reset to sync the clock to the note trigger from Octatrack. There is no option within Octatrack to reset midi clock when the sequencer or arrangement is started.

Trouble is, Sub37 is receiving clock constantly and this is not ‘reset’ when play is pressed on the Octatrack. Setting ‘follow song position’ on the Sub 37 makes no difference.

really frustrated

Any thoughts?

Are you by any chance using a beta version of the Sub 37 firmware?

why yes I am sir, 1.2…

Just sent Moog guys an email

You got same issue?

I did experience an issue like this, and someone else on the beta forum had the same problem.

This is supposedly solved in the very latest version of the Sub 37 beta firmware (FC 3), which is supposed to be released publicly very soon (but who knows exactly when). The latest firmware did solve the problem for me (though I was using the Moog as the master clock, so it’s a bit different situation).


Will have to wait and see what Moog guys say. It does seem to be an issue with the way Sub37 receives/handles (doesn’t handle) clock sync and song start.

I can see that Sub37 as master would work fine though. (but not an option for me here)

I have Firmware 1.1 on the Sub 37 and it works perfect with the OT.


Sorted, though feel a little silly as I completely overlooked the ‘send transport’ option in Octatrack. Prophet does not need this on but the Sub37 does need it.

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thanks for this, this helped me fix it too