SubmitHub is sooo... commercial. Anything better out there?

A slight rant here… So I finally dove into SubmitHub, and after an entire day of going through curators and submitting tracks, I realize that despite claims to looking for underground or non-commercial sounds, most curators are looking for your typical trendy over produced material. I find so much good music on Soundcloud or Bandcamp, but looking through tracks approved on even the so-called selective curators, they’re anything but underground. Makes me think their rejected tracks might be better! Lol

Any better ideas on promoting a new release online? Playlist Push? Instagram story ads? How do I submit to the actual good techno and experimental Spotify playlists? Thanks!

my experience as well


This post may interest you, the poster knows online marketing:

EDIT: original post got removed, updated the link


Also this post seems on point

(I am not a reddit shill I swear… just 2 good posts in a row on this topic)

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Unfortunately the original post has been deleted. While the comments are interesting and some are funny I have no context. :-\

After 12 hours of listening to approved tracks from the curators and submitting, it felt like I was listening to music all made in Ableton at the same factory. I was bored sh*tless bit persisted. So far I’ve only had declines usually criticizing the production not being clean / clear enough (I really hate most super polished productions) that it’s too experimental / cerebral for their blog, list, etc.

Updated the link to the archived post before it was deleted!

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Wow that was quite something. User “–--” actually had a point in saying it’s not a very organic or authentic approach. His/her music was actually better than the OP. But user “bubblegum_ross” is sure a supreme a-hole. That being said, not sure this type of spamming marketing is for me. I’ll look into IG stories though.