Successful producers

Money makin

I completed a 2 year music production course and i am now qualified lol if that is such a thing…
but from my experience during those 2 years i learnt a lot about the music industry.
anyone else what to share some experience?

ive got more to share but not going down a rant about the industry

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my 1st tip of experience, is of course its not what you know…
sorry to be a downer but i have industry experience in sydney aus,
and the crappiest musicians got the furthest…

and I will leave it there


im not bitter,
but i think i have an idea on the type of person to make money in the music industry
and it certainly has little to do with talent


It’s a combination of self-marketing (or hiring someone to take care of that) and finding an audience to pander to imo. Two things I am definitely not good at in terms of the actual music I write.

I’ve had much more success selling sample packs (and putting jam/tutorial/etc videos online) than trying to sell albums. I don’t mind that though, it means I’m making stuff people can use. I’m too contrarian to make music a wide audience will enjoy; as soon as my stuff gains momentum I tend to subvert things haha.

Self-marketing is the big one though I reckon. If you can’t talk yourself up like you’re hot shit, it doesn’t matter how amazing your music is.

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stop being cancel culture bro, i have experience and am asking for other opinions


…know how is essential…and endless…

but i always say the same thing when it comes to this…

that money u’ve spent on some institute that promised u to teach the know how, would have been way better spended in equipment, lot’s of learning by doing and reading a handful of know how literature…

plus the fact that some of ur first sonic steps, were u still got no clue at all and just fooling around lead u to results u never gonna reach again, once u start to know for real…

and THAT is bitter for real…

and truu as the fact that the right attitude, mindset, talent and personality to get u anywhere in some kind of career, is always at least half that important as the know how u paid for…the last 2 years…


I find a lot of people who make really good music are successful in their own niche of the „market“…

I also listen to a lot of people on Bandcamp and SoundCloud . I think they are really successful at making really good music…

I want to be successful at making music that resonates with my soul and hopefully inspire others…


cmon craig you know im not a negative person i just was talking about the music trade



On a more serious note, the people I know who are successful in the arts are hardworking and talented people who have made it through grit and perseverance and sometimes a little bit of luck. Depending on what you do and where you’re at, getting to know the right people is part of the work.


i was looking forward to your comment reeloy and you didnt disappoint…
those lessons are crap done it myself but got to know thwe industry also, and was worth it

I think the combination of talent, hard work and luck makes it hard to be successful in the music business.


I think to make it in the music industry you have to have the biggest synth or thickest acoustic panels.


I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who are half time artists, considering the experiences of the one who is a full time artist (blues musician, not in electronic music) I can say your network is important but it’s nothing without hard work and a compelling product.


My experience as an ex dj booker , event organiser… Consistency ! Consistency sets you apart in the way you dj , produce , design your artwork , engage is social contacts to get gigs or share your music , promote yourself , etc … find your own style and voice … and stick to it no matter what .


I find it always a bit strange how UK/US people are in denial with negativity.
Some things are negative in life. Some things really suck.
I use to call this phenomena the facebookization of life (you can replace by any social media you prefer), everyone should show she/he has a beautiful life when everyone knows it’s crap.

I mean negativity as a staetement of things not as a goal but IMHO recognizing some things are negative is the first step to change them.

Back to the thread it reminds me a meme i saw going a bit like this:


…i must admit…

most of those people i know, who were fallin’ for some kind of institute that promised to teach them the know how, if they’re only willing to pay, actually work in the biz ever since…

but not as artists…they ended up as mixing engineneers or tech assistants of any kind, in best cases…
which is the point…if u first want to know before u think u can get started, u lack of that confidence it needs to just go for it…

and hell yesh…i forgot to mention LUCK and social contacts…are also pretty essential to get u THERE, where ever that might be in the end…

but if u stick with it, i’m pretty positive u will make ur living with something that relates to the sonic/media content biz for sure…


This, really.

You could say it is a negative outlook, but it does not mean it isn’t true. It also does not mean that you can’t ‘make it” either.

Without any shadow of doubt there are clicks in all genres of music, as far as I can remember this has always been the case.

You can try and get into one of these clicks, or you can attempt to create your own following, probably more chance of the latter IMHO.

I’m a firm believer in “build it and they will come” it is hard work but anything worthwhile always is.

Fuck clicks, they hold music back IMHO.

Edit: Cliques not clicks :laughing:


You have to constantly put yourself out there. There is a myth that if the music is good enough, someone will discover you and make you a star. That doesn’t happen. The ones who are successful are working at it 24/7/365. The music industry is a constant grind. It wears people out and zaps their creativity. Especially if you are mainly concerned with making a living from it.

I also think being a ‘people person’ is huge. Talking to people who came to the show afterwards, engaging with people online, making vlogs, etc. That’s what people want these days.

Above all else is luck and timing and contacts.


What music industry is everyone talking about, are people still making money off of music :upside_down_face:

I wouldn’t get hung about it, it’s just ‘business’!


Spotify is making money :wink: