Sudden realization

I don’t need anything else :open_mouth:

Well, technically. I’m not getting rid of anything.

But I just mastered sampling on the MD, something I’ve been reluctant about delving too much into.

And with the chromatic updates in the X firmware, I can do quite a lot of the synthesis I already do. My sounds tend towards simple and unadorned anyway so it works.

What a liberating thing to realize what a simple but powerful tool I have at my disposal. It will be interesting to see what I can get out of this now.

MD has frustrated me previously for years. God I remember how difficult it was to learn in the beginning and how I struggled to reconcile its onboard limitations. Until recently I only ever made songs with MD in combination with a DAW.

On a side note, the only thing that sucks about sampling on MD is having no shortcut to copy the sample from the buffer to a ROM location, and assigning it to a track. But I need to get quicker at kit editing anyway.


Great, but it is a wrong subforum :slightly_smiling_face:


Oopsy lol how did that happen

I wholeheartedly relate to this and it’s been liberating coming to accept and enjoy it.

I came to this realisation with my Op-1s. I used to buy loads of FX pedals to try and enhance what I’d consider to be limitations but they just took me further from the essence.


The irony of placing this in the “marketplace buy” subforum is pure genius! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Looks like a mod saved someone from a severe case of GAS


Why would you do this?
Use one recorder track and several player track, and you can instantly mangle everything, in real-time. You can even resample the sample mangling ^^
I use this a lot, it’s really the OT ancestor in this regard…



I suddenly cannot think of a single reason

In all seriousness I’m only just starting to see the potential in live sampling

I have in the back of my head an idea to set up all 4 recorders and make a song out of nothing but live-sampled bits

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this dude’s been blowing me away lately with MD using internal sounds only (no UW/samples) plus the MD’s midi machines to sequence VST’s.

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You can also make great use of the feedback, it’s very raw and wild, but fun.

My favorite thing with resampling is plocking the retrigs and get some punchy bass out of it.