Suggestions on recording

I’m using an Elektron Digitakt with the Moog family (Mother 32, DFAM, Subharmonicon) and I’ve reached a point where I am ready to start recording. I’m new to recording, but I do have Logic Pro X. I’ve tried using Overbridge for my DT but can’t seem to get sound from any of the 8 channels when I plug in.

Is there a mixer or audio interface you recommend in working with these units & Logic? Recording isn’t my strong point but I really want to record. I don’t want to take shortcuts but I am also am approaching this as a beginner from the recording standpoint.

Any suggestions is more than welcome and appreciated.


If you are only looking for recording, you should be able to send the 8 tracks through USB and record on Logic Pro.

I never used Logic Pro but this is basic settings that a DAW like this would have.
I suggest looking into the Logic Pro settings to set the Digitakt as the audio interface and activate all the channels.

Then you can either have all the DT tracks in the same track (not recommended) or record each DT track in a separate track in Logic Proc.

And for the Moog that you are using, you can send the audio output from the Mother 32 to the DT and you should be able to see the signal in a separate track in Logic Pro.


Thank you for this! I honestly just need more time in Logic than anything else. Overbridge really helps with the DT.

If you’re happy to plug the other hardware units into the Digitakt one at a time, you have everything you need already. The Digitakt is a great audio interface.

If not, you could pick up a simple analog mixer, like the Mackie 1202 VLZ4 (or whatever — I just picked that because I have one and like it a lot). Then you can easily send any of the connected boxes to the Digitakt for sampling, and also use the Digitakt as an audio interface for the computer and Logic.

You can use the Digitakt as a straight audio interface too — no Overbridge required. Tbh I find Overbridge to be a real pain in Logic, and a delight in Ableton.


Have you looked into some of the newer mixing desks that also serve as an interface? Some just send a stereo track but others allow multitrack recording and playback.

The bigger StudioLive desks act as an interface and a controller for your DAW. They’re expensive but there are cheaper options. I’ve got the SL 32 and it’s effectively the hub of my studio.

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I used the DT as interface for long time. Recording main mix + stereo input. You can also record the 8 tracks separatly by activating input 3 to 10 in your DAW (Main mix are 1 and 2, Analog inputs are 11 and 12)
I don’t used much separate track recording because it bypass FX sends (delay and reverb) and compressor. I prefere old school tracking by muting and recording things one by one if needed.

But now, I bought a Scarlett 8i6 and its more powerfull to record and mix into the DAW, the latency is far better than the DT. I record my DT into the soundcard and I’m happy with this setup.

The DT as soundcard is cool to record jams but not for long mixing session.


I have done some research into a Tascam Model 12 (because turns out I like old school methods a little better), so I will look into the Mackie as well. I don’t mind plugging into the DT for the time being because as I mentioned, still new and learning. Thank you.

I’m finding out that I really like the old school method as well! I’m sure that can change over time, but for me the work flow is just so much easier doing it that way.

I actually have looked into the Tascam Model 12 (I believe these are similar). I would love the SL-32 but it isn’t in the budget right now. I did some research on the SL-32 before I wanted to get serious about recording and went to scope out prices and immediately went back lol. It’s incredible though and something I do want in the future.

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