Sum L & R Channels Into OT

Hey Folks,
My modular’s audio output has Left and Right channel. When I run it into the Ot, is there a way to Sum the L&R so they are summed into the OT, so it plays out of both Left and Right speakers?
The reason I want to do this is because, e.g.; I run a drum module to my Intellijel Mutamix Bus A, then it goes to my PGH Modular Left Channel, which lastly goes into the OT Input A and it’s panned Hard Left. I’d like it to be in both Left and Right.

Use a Thru machine on one OT track.

Similar question was asked yesterday I believe. Octatrack mixer is limited. You need to use a thru track to do A, B, AB, or A+B.

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It’s a small world. I just saw Dre’s FB post about jamming with you yesterday, and recognized your avatar here.

Thanks folks for the tips.
Yes it is a small world/network.

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