Sunday afternoon jam on the Elektron machines - Techno

Sunday afternoon jam on the Elektron boxes.

Feedback welcome.




great Track!!!
What Electron machines do you use for this?

Sounds great!

Hi AK,

Many thanks man , appreciated. Glad to hear from someone who also enjoys those darker vibes.

I used the RYTM and the Analog Four with Overbridge in Ableton.


Hello Deeper,

i like also the darker, raw techno sound like Markus Suckut, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock
or labels like Ostgut Ton, Mind Trip, Stroboscopic Artefacts.
A few months ago i bought also the Rytm & A4. But im still learning this machines.

AK, a man with impeccable taste.

I look forward to hearing your sounds once you’ve mastered the A4 & RYTM.

Have you got a Soundcloud link?

thanks, i don’t have a soundcloud link yet.
But as soon as i mastered the two machines i send a link to you.
Until then, i look forward to hear inspiring sounds from you.

bit too much reverb on the kick for my taste and the lead sound comes in a bit loud.
but I really like the vibe in there and the clap is great as well as this bassy chord like loop in the background! good job :slight_smile:

AK - I look forward to hearing your tunes mate.

Gubenhinden - Thanks for the feedback sir, always welcome. You’re right about the reverb, toned it down for my next tune (plus the distortion). Glad you like elements of it. Cheers!