Super compact 2nd keys setup, rompler?

Hi all,

Apologies for the vagueness of this post. I’m a bit lost in options!

I’m looking for a super compact setup as my 2nd keys on stage…


  • some convincing piano / rhodes / strings / choir stuff, and a few bits of synthy stuff
  • I’d also like to be able to send midi CCs to change patches on some pedals (probably from midi keyboard controller, via programmed pads)

I’m thinking either:

  • a rompler module plus small midi keyboard
  • a keyboard controller that’ll connect to android and run decent sound without latency
  • keyboard controller hooked upto laptop, without latency and with inexpensive sound sources, preferably with laptop shut and tucked away (but obvs on) and changing patches from the keyboard
  • an old compact synth of some sort
  • or wondering if anyone knows a way to get close to the above sounds etc. with my current gear (Novation Peak or Analog Keys) - I’d rather leave both in my studio, but can take them if it saves me cash and does a good enough job!
  • I considered trying to be clever with my Digitakt and samples, but I may as well suck it up and get something better suited

If I have to spend cash, I’d like to keep it under £250 / 300 if possible. But I could stretch for something that I’m interested in for other projects (Digitone, GR-1 etc if they can do this stuff?!)

Any ideas or experience much appreciated!

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Yamaha Reface Dx. Has some fantastic patches.

Roland D-05? The minikeys on the keyboard dock aren’t great so I would get something a little more playable instead if you plan to play it live.

korg triton taktile 25.


Native Instruments Kontrol M32 with Komplete Starter for 119€.

This is a great shout! The 25 doesn’t seem to be available any more in the UK… I’ll hunt around though, this could probably do the trick.

Either this, or a small module. I’ve looked at the Roland Boutiques, but I’m not really sold on any of them.

My rogue thought earlier was that I could pick up a cheeky Behri MS101 when they’re out to use that as a midi keyboard, and then also have it around for more fun monosynth LOLs!