Swap zip drive for SD on BR8 multitrack recorder?

This is a long shot. I have a BOSS BR8 multitrack recorder. It’s old but it’s good. One big reason I like it, is it has MIDI connection, sadly lacking on almost all modern multitrack recorders.

The only problem is that it uses zip discs. Intuitively it should be easy to replace with an SD reader, but it isn’t straight forward. I’ve read this:

Only a specific kind of card reader will work. There is a dead link to a forum that says what it is. I can’t find any other reference other than it’s a certain model of Amtron card reader.

I have succesfully installed a CF reader on my MPC 2000XL, so am familiar with the basics. I just need to know which card reader will work on the BR8. Anyone?

Sup. Any joy with this? I think I have the card reader. I am going to look it out today. I will send you info

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Hi- I still have the Br8 sitting on the shelf!
Any info you can share about which model card reader will work would be great. Thanks.

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Did you find an answer to this? I know this is an old thread!! I recently fitted a NOS zip drive to my old BR8 then discovered only 5 out of the 20 odd disks I had were no longer useable. I just wasted about £30 trying different SD and CF readers. So I now give up I am thinking about getting a Zoom R8.

Sorry to say, but no, i never did find which card reader would work despite some pretty extensive enquiries. I use the OT as a make-do multitrack recorder now but the Tascam model 12 looks good.