Swapping a sound in a sequence

Is there a way to try different kicks in a sequence while it’s playing with out having to load every one into the sequence?

I’m pressing load for everyone on the list instead of just scrolling the list to hear it before I press to load it.

I know I can press the trig to hear it but I wanted to hear it as it’s programmed.

Right now I am pressing the level data knob to get to the browser, then hitting yes to hear how it sounds.

Thank you!

It is possible to send a midi sequence with midi loopback, on Auto Channel.

Caveats : no plocks, unless you plock some parameters in the midi track.

Edit : I found something more convenient :
Intead of Func + Level, use Func + - - - (Sound).
Select Sound Browser with YES.
Select Sound, YES
Press YES again to go back in Sound Browser.

Pretty quick.

You mentioned this yesterday. Could you explain it a bit more? The only way I’ve used midi is for clock and selecting a channel to control a synth with a controller.

Would love to get more advanced.

This was the first way I went through it. If you just press the data value encoder, it goes straight to the browser list.

I was hoping to stay in the list and have the sounds fore on the trigs before loading them for good.

A few of the immediate sound access aspects are sub-par on the Syntakt relative to other devices

The best practice solution to this exact issue was to press Function + Yes to load the sound - this specifically retained the browser view (for this exact purpose of better auditioning)

However, I’m not sure if this functionality made it in, there are a few other convenient sound loading methods missing already

But that’s the established workaround

Save pattern

Load with Fn+Yes to taste

If you don’t like reload pattern

It may work as the others already

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Thank you.

Yeah, I have a TR8S, so it kinda set my expectations a bit.

But the Syntakt does bass sooo much better. It’s dirty and in your face.

I still love the TR8S, but damn Syntakt so good.

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With ST, now we have song mode, there is not much interest in midi loopback.
You can get an extra lfo, but you loose a track. An interesting trick is to set several tracks on the same channel and control their Modwheel, Aftertouch…any modulation at the same time.

The principle is simple. Plug a midi cable between IN/OUT, set up a midi track with Auto Channel, or a specific midi channel…

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Oh… okay. The midi cable goes to a controller?

And I can see the Beni fit to multiple tracks on the same midi channel. Mod wheel, rate, LFO. Bunch of great options

Apparently it is just for preview, not loading.

Ok. But pressing YES seems more convenient, because you can leave the finger above :
Arrows, YES (Sound selection)
YES (to go back to Sound Browser)
Etc. Faster imho. Maybe a better solution.

Personally I always start from scratch.
I have to prepare a template for my favorite machines settings, lfos. And a sound pool for analog drums soundlocks.

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No. Syntakt become the controller.

If you mean a midi processor like RK002 cable, it is possible to use it for polyphony, controlling 4 audio tracks with a midi track, or 8 audio tracks with 2 midi tracks…

Sorry, I’m a noob. So the Syntakt becomes the controller for say an MC101? Then I have the sequencer able to do all it’s power with other sounds, am I getting this right?

And how can I select the midi channel per track. Is that in the settings menu or on one of the pages?

This is all great info by the way.

Yes. You can set 8 CCs per midi track, plus Bank/Program Changes, Pitchbend, Aftertouch, Modwheel, Breath. 4 notes of course.

With a second midi track on the same channel you can get 8 more CCs, 4 more notes.



Okay. It’s making sense. what’s breath?

Do you mean polyphony? And breadth like wideness?

4 notes per midi track. Not related to Breath.

It is just CC 2, originally used for breath controllers. (ModWheel is CC 1)
MIDI CC List (Quick Guide) - Professional Composers


Okay… this is a new rabbit hole to go down… Im sure the midi mapping is in the manual… Im actually going to start with getting the MC101 paired up… when I used that example, I realized how good an idea that was.

Thank you for all the help. Im sure Im going to post more questions as the come up.

Edit… I just realized you added the link… haha… thanks!

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Your right… just for preview… and I see what your saying… leave the finger above… two quick presses and it loads the sound… temp save to get back to where you were at…

and it gets fast with a little practice…

Like this I just changed all tracks sounds in maybe 1 minute ! (Pressing Track buttons for preview.

Thanks for asking ! :wink: