Is it possible to control swing in Octatrack?

thanks for replay.

Yes. RTM.


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speaking of Swing, I have a request for a future update- have a Global Swing just below the Tempo displayed when the Tempo button is pressed. Use the Up/Down keys to then navigate between Tempo and Global Swing.

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Seconded! Would be great to arp samples too, not just MIDI tracks

Swing is where it’s at with these Elektron sequencers. I absolutely love the way you can set swing patterns on the machinedrum. The thing about swinging with the OT that makes it even more powerful is you can set different swing values per track…

…mindblowing stuff there people, stop wasting time, get on it! And when you’re done and bored again, listen to some good old Rollins and than get the hell back to swinging your Elektron sequencers:


Page not found. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t find a manual ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Swing just goes between 50-80 on my unit, is that right? I like swing but don’t care for it on OT. Use it all the time on Tr8.


50 is no swing at all (note is equidistant from the preceding and following eighth note division). 80 is full swing (4/5th of the distance between the preceding and following eighth note division).


Cheers. I should probably try it with one shots to see how effective it is, I mostly use loops and phrases chopped up so maybe the swing function has a hard time with that.