Switching back-and-forth from Auto-Channel to playing the devices themselves?

I intend to set up my equipment in the following manner:

DT sending clock and transport direct to the Digitone Keys
DT sending and receiving MIDI to Korg on MIDI Channel 1
DT sending and receiving MIDI to Nord Electro on MIDI Channel 2

(With a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru 1-in 4-out MIDI Thru Box, splitting the MIDI coming out of the Digitone KeysTHRU into the Korg and Nord Electro)

Here is my question:

Can I use one of my three keyboards to play samples on Channels 1-8 on the DT using Auto-Channel, but would like to be able to alternate between that functionality, and using the keyboard to play the sounds of the device itself? :thinking:

I’ve done simpler configurations before where I was using my Nord to play DT samples, but is it possible to easily alternate between the keyboard playing it’s own sound (ie. electric piano sounds), and play using it as an Auto Channel controller for the samples on pads 1-8?

(Although, ideally I’d like to use the DNK as the Auto Channel keyboard, as my Nord is currently what I’m using as a MIDI keyboard for my DAW)


Is this possible?