Switching from playback mode to live recording mode

Hello everybody,

I think about buying a digitakt! I’ve got a very simple question:

Is it possible to switch from playback mode to live recording mode without a stop?

Thanks for your answers.


Yes, while the sequencer is running if you hold the rec button and hit the play button it will go into live record mode


The workflow for recording phrases on-the-fly is seamless. Play it in and quantize it or go through each individual trigger and adjust the microtiming. You can do it all without stopping playback.

And unlike a DAW, it is immediate. There is no delay between midi note input and playback.

This is true for all Elektrons since they all use the same sequencer. It is one of the top selling-points.

Edit: It is also possible to “monitor” the audio input of the Digitakt, but it isn’t stereo. I’m assuming you mean midi live recording, but it works for audio too. However, the input monitoring will stop once you’ve cut a sample.