Switching to a better CF card, can I throw away the PRESETS folder that came with the Octatrack?

There’s 2 folders when I mount the disk to my computer.

  1. My one new set called “Set 201119” that I set up when I first started my Octatrack a week ago.
  2. A folder of sample content titled “AUDIO” and another titled “PRESETS”.

Is this just extra content for people who want to start by loading pre existing content that I can just toss all of (Except for my SET file)? Or is this somethign that really needs to live on this disk because the Octarack OS references it during normal and constant use?

I’m pretty adamant about only using my own material that I’ve sampled, and I’d just assume clear up the space.

Thank you!

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Thank you PeterHanes. I appreciate you.