Sync Machinedrum song mode to start playing when Logic starts recording audio?

I guess this applies to just about all Elektrons. But I’m doing some recording right now with Machinedrum and Digitone, in separate passes, using the Machinedrum’s song mode to synchronize patterns to Digitone. And recording them (individually) through Analog Heat.

While it’s fairly easy to use the ‘count-in’ setting on Logic to try and start recording at just the right time, it’s often off by a little bit. This can be adjusted fairly easily by trimming the audio start point, but as I’m starting to record things in multiple passes (and sometimes in multiple takes), it has me wondering:

  • Can this be done: sending out transport data (but not clock) from Logic, preferably only on ‘record’?
  • I’ve got the Analog Heat connected to my Mac by USB. Can the Heat receive that transport data on USB and send it to Machinedrum via out or thru? I’ve had mixed success with some other synths when combining USB midi and DIN midi.

I imagine there may be a bit of digging through settings on all machines to do what I want. I think I know where to look on Machinedrum to receive transport but not clock. I just got the Heat this week (mk1, Overbridge 1.15). And this is about the fanciest I’ve ever gotten with Logic which I’ve typically just used for editing audio after capturing it from elsewhere.

trimming the start points is a good method, to compensate the recorded latency, but it can also lead to problems, especially when you have a delay effect on the track. it’s out of sync then. but to Logic i can’t say anything. i used it the past, when Logic still belonged to Emagic and worked under Windows. in Ableton at least, you have two options (midi & audio) to compensate latency before and after the recording. maybe Logic offers this too.