Sync Octa to Tempi via mod pulse?

I’m having ZERO luck syncing the Octatrack MKll to the Make Noise Tempi. (i.e. sending tempo from Octatrack to Tempi).
I’ve seen some threads on here saying that’s it’s possible, just wondering EXACTLY how it’s done.
I’ve got:
Make Noise mod pulse sample.
1/4 trs from CUE to 1.5 trs into TEMPI tempo.
(I’ve tried ts)
Tempi clock does not change.
The volume of mod pulse sample is maxed.
Compressor gain is maxed.
What am I missing??

I use the metronome through the CUE out to sync to Pam’s New Workout, it works well. You do have to get the volume right though; I’ve found that too high a volume actually doesn’t work either.


Got it going! Tried stereo L+R out of CUE instead of just mono L. Works now. Thanks!


Deffo good to know. ty for the topic! :sunny: