Sync out to pocket operators?


im a newbie with my analog 4 and ive just picked up the pocket operators.

so . is there a way to sync up the pocket operators by feeding in cv or something from analog 4 ?


Yes you can use one of the CV outputs.
You’ll need a 1.4" TS or TRS to 3.5mm mini jack.

You can just put 1/4 note trigs on the CV track, parameter lock the source to the CV output you’re using. in Global - CV Setup, you’ll want to set that CV output to trigger mode.
I’d start with a very low voltage (maybe 0.5v) and go up from there until it catches the sync.

The CV outs can do lots of fun things!


anyone have luck using the CV clock settings to sync the POs?

i havent tried yet…

i usually just noodle , capture and chop up.

I’ve found the pocket operators to have a very steady internal clock. Have you tried just matching the BPMS and starting both machines on the same upbeat?

I do it succefully with the OT as described here:

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it doesn’t really require much luck, not too tricky

CV type clock
V Trig
Length 10
Voltage 1.5v

Then on the main page set CLK to 2 or 4, possibly shifting to 1 or 8 depending on the rate at which you want the OP to follow the seq … no PO here, but those settings are fine for a Monotribe which I imagine will be in the same ballpark

Note - you can plock the CLK value to get shifting clock

An alternative is to use Trigs, then you can specify the rate with trigs on the seq and use trig conditions etc


perfect on the settings…frees up one of the sequencer tracks for other devices.

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I did as written and there’s a constant click coming out at each step of the PO. is this normal?

Which sync mode have you selected on the PO?

either sy4 or sy5 but it occurs in both

I would like to tempo sync po-32 to analog four mk2. Anyway to do this?

It seems written above…

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