Sync Static Sample + Click Track Possible?

First post, new user. Picked up an Octatrack for hassle free sample playback with large groups / shows.

I would like to trigger a long static sample (back track) with a parallel static sample (click track) on a separate output channel. What is the smartest way of setting it up so both are triggered from the same button press? The samples are about 5 minutes long, if that makes a difference in terms of the working method.

Essentially I want to have a back track for a band and a click track to help keep things together. Anybody have a working method for this?

I would setup a click on an actual pattern/track and send it to the cue output.
So a 4x4 grid pattern of watever sample you choose. (click, hat, woodstick, whatver)
This will keep your time constant with the machine time, so you dont have to render a 5 minute click track.

Then for the sample, just put a one-shot trig at the beginning of the first pattern to trigger the long sample.
That way when the patterns loop around, it wont get triggered again.

Then hit play and it should work beautifully.

If the problem is that the click will go out of time, due to timestretching on the longer sample, then yeah, you have a seperate issue, and need to do what you have done. (export both tracks in time with each other)

Then its just a matter of setting up two one-shot trigs. on two tracks.
To trigger the two long playing samples once.

Then when you hit play, theyll both be triggered.

In grid record mode hit FUCNT + the trig you want to make a one shot. The color will change slightly.
Thats how you know its a one shot, and wont play on subsequent loops around

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to answer. Here is a little more detail:

The click track and playback have multiple tempo changes and time signature changes. They have already been exported at identical length.

It seems like the multi one shot trig is my best bet. Is it possible to do three or four of these in the same set? For example, start track 1 click, then transition into track 2 + click etc. I am curious as to how I would move to the next sample if I am using play as my start button.

Fairly easily.

On pattern 1, you would have track 1 & 2 with a one-shot trig of the track and the click.
Then on pattern 2, the same thing, but the other track.

Then play pattern 1. As the song approaches finishing, just switch patterns, and the second track will trigger.
If you kinda want the tail end of the first track to continue into the second track. Then just put the second song on track3&4, so that the track can continue its ending/tail/fadeout.

Another way you could do it, is set all tracks to play free.
And then just manually trigger the track to play when you want.

FUNC+BANK to get to the screen where you set tracks to play freely (unlocked from sequencer).

Then you can just trigger those tracks using the trigs.
So you would just hit Trigs corresponding to Track 1 and 2, to trigger your first song. And then hit trigs for 3&4 when you want to trigger the second song, no need to have the sequencer even running at all.

you don’t breed to bother with plays free - that’s for Tracks, not samples

simplest way is to power up
load the samples in adjacent tracks (e.g. 1 and 2)
turn off time stretch and loop
don’t go near the transport or step record etc
then just hit Trig 9 and 10 simultaneously (ensure you are in Tracks mode, default at start)
they will both play out, no need for sequencer

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What if you don’t hit them quite in sync? I’d do one shot trigs and each tune on its own pattern. I’ve used the OT lie this and it worked fine… Ad long as you don’t accidentally touch rate!

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I certainly do. I want all my children to learn how to play free like their daddy.

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If you can’t hit two adjacent buttons together in time you don’t deserve to be piloting the Octatrack :wink: just seems so much more safe if you leave transport out of the equation - there’s also no need for tempo synced fx etc, so that’s what i’d do - one shot’s are fine too, just be sure to set all that up correctly

Go ahead and listen to these guys, but I wanted to add that down the line the possibility exists to use patterns and the arranger to play your track and click, and then you could add neat ot sequencer tricks if you wish. You would need a good understanding of the ot and it would be some work to split your track into patterns, but if you did you could add in sequenced sounds and use scenes and time based effects, plus a whole lot more. Of course maybe you don’t want to touch those tracks at all or add anything to them, but I thought I’d mention you could if you want to add some next level OTness to your tunes…

Edit: and if your playing an instrument you could control stuff with a midi floorboard or even an iPad clipped to a mic stand using wifi to an iconnectmidi. Just letting you know the possibilities… You’re OT might get upset at you if you only let it play static tracks😉

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