Synclavier Regen

It sounds impressive but it’s kinda ugly.


Interesting, it looks like someone tried to take an iPad app interface and recreate it in the real world.

Definitely some goods sounds in there though.

Edit: Just saw the price. Doesn’t look at all like it costs $2,500.


End of interest.


Indeed, at 2500 this does not seem like good value compared to a Waldorf iridium, or Nord wave.

I do like the idea of plugging in your own audio interface. That’s like having over bridge without needing a PC.

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I’m intrigued.
Couldn’t find the info, but it must handle MPE, doesn’t it ??

It is intriguing. I like that they’ve seemingly designed it without reference to anything else on the market. Connectivity options seem great. I think it sounds amazing and deep but editing looks painful.


It seems maybe great but - either an awful UI or awesome in its simplicity.

Its software breadth and cleverness ratio versus hardware beauty (looks like an AKAI MPK controlller), means it might have been better as wholly software.

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From the web-site :

Polyphonic aftertouch and MPE is fully-supported and there’s a sophisticated modulators section where you can apply responsive curves to properties driven by pressure, velocity, mod wheel position, and so on.


I’m the odd person out, i’m differing with several posts here already.


It’s out of my price range but I really like the look of it personally. The format and UI is right up my street. Can’t really say for sure why to be honest - I just think it looks great :rofl:

It sounds fantastic too. Like I say, out of my price range but keen to see/hear more of this one. Makes me think “Omnisphere in a box” a little bit.


wow its almost as expensive as a teenage engineering hoodie :tongue:

seems like an awesome new and compact sound module for working musicians.
i can imagine well known artists using this thing instead of old nord or something.


It looked like a book!! What a sampler huh?

Definitely the ugliest synth to come out recently, but it sounds really good!

It looks like the Roland latest series : T-8, J-6 and E-4.

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When I think Synclavier, I think Frank Zappa



Is the company French? That would make a lot of sense… it looks very French design.


Agreed on the looks, it’s it’s own thing and all the better for it.

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True. Looks like Renault Megane from 2006 :rofl:


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Honestly at 2500€, this can not look like a 400€ toy.

Problem is its competing with some insanely power similar VSTs that cost next to nothing…Icarus 2, Avenger (Avenger 2 has Spectral Synthesis and Resynthasis) , Rapid etc. even Arturia Synclavier V!

Yeah that was my thought also… the work flow seems kind of I’ll suited for the complexity of it to me. I actually do like some single encoder devices a lot but that single swiper interface seems not amazing. But I think the workflow is kind of true to the classic synclavier from my understanding.

I dunno I’m really not so into the let’s just give them a bunch of layers approach to synths. But the synthesis methods here is pretty interesting so maybe you don’t need to stack layers.

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