Synsi EuroTile - 1U eurorack case

Excuse me if this is old news to any eurorack affectionados, but this sure was news to me and now I’m seriously thinking bout getting into this 1U mini eurocrack :diddly:

Very attractive to me after this years NAMM mini modular system GAS introduced by the likes of volca modular and TE PO modulars. This is real eurorack, but microscopic! How cool is that :sunglasses:

Anyone here already using 1U mini stuff?

Thinking of building a CV clock multiplexer/manipulator system combined with a mixer with fx. This would be even better than my hodgepodge volca mix and cable spaghetti solution for one upcoming project. I dont even know if such a thing is possible yet lol

Hard pass for me. The availability of Pulp Logic 1U tiles is super limited and not worth it, IMO. The Intellijel 1U format is way better in terms of module availability. (They’re not compatible with each other in case you weren’t aware!)

If you’re looking for a small modular setup, I’d say skip this, get a 4ms Pod or the Erica Synths Pico case and just fill it up with exactly what you need. With the proper 3U Eurorack format your choices are unlimited and not restricted to the 10 or so modules Pulp Logic offers.

Edit: Found the pricing info of this on another forum. Yup, hard, hard pass.

intellijel 1U? ok, I’ll check that now.

Upon closer inspection, the synsi eurotile is not even on kickstarter yet. So there’s that too. Furthermore, checking eurorack modules, regardless of HPs/Us, seems to me that what I’m looking for doesn’t really exist. Everything has too many unnecessary functions and the UIs are terrible. Nothing even comes close to being able to replicate korg volca mix UI / functionality with eurorack. Bummer.

A casual observation from someone new to eurorack: Seems like most modules are just copying each other? Also seems to me like module designers have now idea what “ergonomic DJ:ish performance UI” means and how it would be desirable to have UIs like that for eurorack, too…

Pretty sure what you want exists. But wrt the mixer, keep in mind that the Volcas are not modular level so to mix them (with or without FX) in eurorack you’re probably looking at having to amplify them first. A more traditional mixer is probably much better suited for that purpose.

What do you want to do with the clock? I can maybe point you in the right direction.

was just thinking of a simple 1/2 or 1/4 divide and maybe some swing. But I’d also need to split out one clock to three. Yeah, and a cherry on top would be to actually split one clock into three + convert to MIDI clock to send to a fourth device with only MIDI clock input… But maybe I’ll get back to this later. Was already checking and 4HP faders exist, so this would need to be a much more elaborate venture, 1U alone will not suffice :diddly:

What you’re looking for, in that case, is Pamela’s New Workout with the MIDI Expander.

oh yeah! that with the DIN MIDI output expander would be just the ticket!

Could I fit that module with the expander into this case?

That would still leave out the mixer parts though… So every minijack input would need a boost module to get to eurorack levels? And then you’d need one of those balanced line out modules for the mixed output? And pedal interface module for the aux send?

So, I’ve not used any of the 4ms Pods myself - what I’ve heard about them are that they are very good, but quite shallow so deep modules don’t fit into them. But according to the specs, they fit 34mm deep modules and Pam’s is 32mm, so it should be alright - best to confirm with someone who has the same combo, though.

Regarding mixing, I’m not sure if bringing everything into a Eurorack mixing module is the best option for you, specially if your effects are not Eurorack ones. Again, you’ll be best served with traditional mixers with aux sends, if your effects modules are guitar pedals, for example.

But if you’re really looking into mixing into a Eurorack case, then yes, an external input module for each input + mix + fx loop module and then an output module. Various different module combinations to consider to go with this direction, though.

EDIT: Looks like the expander for Pam’s is 38mm, so the 4ms Pod wouldn’t work :frowning:
A compact and cheap case would be this:

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I’d quite happily invest in the kit formats just to expand a semi-modular for cheap. That’s when I can be bothered with DIY of course and if they’re any good. Defo more interested in the utility side of things than the sound modules anyhowz’s.

The EuroTile kickstarter launched yesterday, so for anyone interested, now is the time to dig in for some savings off the final retail price. 99$ for the empty case IIRC