Syntakt cue output?

I was thinking about live jams with the syntakt the other day, you know, chucking it in a bag and jamming with friends in the house/studio as it’s a good immediate all in one device.
Is there a way to audition tones and sounds through the headphone output separately to the main outs? I can imagine actually crafting a little sound design or melody/rhythm before ‘dropping on the speakers’ would be a really handy feature. I guess there is a bit of UI track management stuff needed to define what is played where. Do any of the other Elektron devices do this? I only have a syntakt and analog four.

Pretty sure I asked this question around release and sadly it’s a no, I believe the headphone out is mirrored or something so it’s not possible. I orginallly wanted to route the click separately for my drummer but wasn’t an option.

maybe its worth a try to use the Syntakt in mono for live:
only use one output -> Pan everything with control all to one side for live output and all to the other side for your headphones…
and if you really need it to be in stereo you could route the mono signal through a reverb pedal -> mono in -> stereo out


That’s a really great tip! Yeah, for jamming I rarely pan anything anyway! Bonus is that each track then has its own little mixer/cross fade cue. I’m going to try this with other gear too! :pray:

There is also the USB audio out…


One of my pet peeves… I’ve been asking for such a feature for every groovebox I had since the mc-303.


Something like the octatrack ?

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yes, buying something completely different is always an option, but maybe doesn’t solve the problem here :wink:


pre-fading is for COWARDS. Just whack it to max volume and press “GO”