Syntakt Display (solved!)

This may not be a common issue but I’m annoyed about the Plastic Top Display ( nott the LCD ) used by Elektron as no matter what you use to clean it up you end up making very tiny scratches from the dust ( only visible on close up but yet…) I usually keep my gear away from anything that may impact the surface and I wanted to just clear some tiny dust using a little thin brush ( the one normally used to clean cameras ) and a Microfiber cleaning cloth, the one used for cleaning Lens and yet it it leaves some marks that you can’t get rid of at the end and I never put pressure while cleaning, I really wish Elektron start using proper Glass instead of Acrylic OR a protective Film on Top that in my unit was not… Sorry this rant, I have no idea if Elektron does provide a replace Top display as that may involve opening the box… ??

You can get replacement screens from Elektron if needed, so any major marks or damage you can easily resolve. I think it does involve opening the box but it’ll be a simple procedure.

I use a paintbrush on my synths and have a few Elektron boxes - I don’t really have any minor scratches on mine and haven’t found the screen to be that prone to it, personally.

The cases possibly don’t have the precision to support a glass screen that well, the plastic screen often doesn’t sit 100% flat and you might find one or two of your corners are slightly raised off the surface. I think if the screen were glass this could lead to cracking and other damage. Also more dangerous on the road if your box takes a hit. So although glass has advantages this is probably the sensible choice.

Just checking that you don’t have the plastic screen protector that it ships with still attached? I don’t have a Syntakt, but I’ve got a Digitakt that I’ve had for years and it doesn’t have scratches in the screen.

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thats a shame! sorry to hear :disappointed_relieved:
for any non-touch screens i use a small dust blower.
consider giving those a try, works great for me.
surface has to be clean to begin with for dust blower to work though, so if you already used cloth, gotta make sure its spotless.

My unit came without screen protector believe it or not. Otherwise I usually never take it off unless necessary :frowning:

Sounds suspiciously like you still have your screen protector on, as I don’t think it would be sent (new, unopened) without one.

You mentioned camera gear - are you able to take some macro photos of the corners of the screen at a bit of an angle?

Most of the time the protector is very obvious, but I’ve had a couple that you could barely see.


This is what im talking about

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That looks like it still has the screen protector on to me.


Looks like a screen protector…:sketchy:


is this a satisfying peel thread secretely launched by elektron marketing team.


Is there any peel tutorial somewhere ? :content:

Yes it came without ( and it is suspicious but the box was sealed unless the team at the store managed to test it for a customer and close it back )

You mean there is actually a screen protector on top and It so well stick that is untraceable to my eyes? this will make me look like a complete ass

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Maybe. Would you try harder, starting from a corner ? I still have mine, looks like your screen…and it’s well stick.

Without it would reflect light like glass…

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they can be super invisible at times.

my friend works in the indursty where acrylic protective layer is a thing and 90% of customer support is showing them this video.


I ll check as soon as back from work


They don’t always come away easy - pick very carefully at a corner.

But that defintiely still has the protector on :slight_smile: The reflection is too matte otherwise, so it’s either that or you’ve been polishing it with toothpaste.


Thanks everyone :slight_smile: I carefully and closely look at the corner and managed to peel off a tiny fraction of the screen protector that really looked like it was not, a relief really :grimacing: Apologies if I did sound too dumb.


This actually did happen to my Novation Peak. Screen all scratched just from using a micro fibre cloth (the protector was super ugly so I’d taken it off). Not the end of the world but annoying, I only use a light feather duster neo!

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But you’re right, that screen protector scratches easily!

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