(Syntakt) effects not working on the external audio (Subharmonicon)

I don’t know what i did, but I am running the audio from the Subharmonicon to the ext in on the Syntakt. At first, it was working fine, but then I ran mini clock sync to the Subharminicon, and I think I messed up the routing, or did something with the fx block, because now no delay or reverb is being applied to the SH audio.

I have the audio going over usb to logic, and as i said, it was working until I set up transport.

Thank you for the help!

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I’m also noticing a lag from when i push start on the Syntakt, and the audio coming through from the Subharmonicon.

So I think I maty have an audio routing issue? I am assuming its all user error, btw.

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Ive encountered this bug almost regularly. try messing with some of the FX parameters, changing filters, changing the lfo destinations, filter sweep. When I do that, it usually comes back on.

This usually happens to me when i start a brand new pattern

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It seems to come back in if i trigger a track… so like if i fire a kick, not even in sequence… just a trigger, it kicks on!

It’s a known issue with all Digi boxes. It needs a trigger from the sequencer (or external midi) to have the send fx enabled.

A single (trigless) trig in the sequencer would be sufficient.

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I always wondered what that meant… can you walk me through what i should do to do that?

and i recorded the behavior… escuse the track… its just a test.

Thank you by the way

Go to the FX track of the Syntakt and add a trig on the first step. Now when you press play on the syntakt the track is “activated”, so reverb/delay sends are then working.


That did the trick! Thank you!

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Elektrons in general. At least A4 and OT, trigs are required for fx / part settings change.

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So, as far as Elektron is concerned, this is the intended behaviour? Or just haven’t got around to fixing it yet? Ran into some similar issues which I reported as a bug, but later realized it could be useful for FX tails when switching patterns, or something. Good to know you can use an empty trig on the FX track, though, much better than what I was doing :p.


I thought it was “kind of a feature” too.

Probably. And they kept it since OT at least (not sure if MD and MnM have same behavior with master fx).

It allows a transition for fx tails, with a dummy pattern.

Personally I’d like an option to have fx and/or inputs parameters updated even without trigs.

Lock trig ? (Trigless trig :content:)