Syntakt [hanging?] Trigs/tracks

Howdy nauts…hopefully i can use the correct nomenculture to describe this simple bug i keep encountering.

After playing a pattern for several minutes i am encountering tracks that refuse to play. They are umuted and seem to be hanging. When i press the track’s button, there is an additional trig upon releasing the pressed button, but none of the sequence in the affected track is being played, even when unmuted in every way.

I have tried panicing the syntakt [several repeated stops] and even chamging patterns/banks doesnt fix the trig problem. Ive tried messing with the adsr’s and trig lengths but nothing is fixing this problem for me besides restarting the syntakt. FYI I am using it to control a few midi devices [mc101, td3mo,] using the midi out and have a minilogue going into the midi in of the syntakt. Shutting these midi devices does not help the problem. I hope ive included enough context to get some help, pardon the n00bish left handed splain…any help would be appreciated immensely!!!