Syntakt is Fire! Also, heat

Just got my Syntakt today, it’s really the Elektron box I’ve been waiting for: drum synth engines in a -takt-tone form factor and workflow. And the sounds are amazing. I’m not going to be rash, but after a day of playing with it, I’m not sure I need to keep my Digitakt. Or at least I might not be using it much for drums anymore.

But dang, I know this thing has a lot of analog circuitry, but it gets seriously WARM when it’s on, seems to put out more heat than any other analog device I have. Not that I’m concerned about it’s functioning in any way, but in the middle of a very early central Texas heat wave in an apartment with an anemic, sad old air conditioner, it’s not ideal. But I can’t turn it off! Somebody get me some ice water!

Seriously, this may be my favorite Elektron box yet, loving it so far.


I agree! I’m beyond pleased with my investment :grin:
It’s so much fun and then I always forget there are tons of presets as well. I think Elektron definitely made a winner with this one.


Definitely keep digitakt for other duties. You’ll wanna collect them all I’m sure… or maybe that’s just me lol.


NGL, the other night I’d been playing with it while lounging and my feet got very cold so I just tucked them in under the Syntakt for a bit and they were toasty warm in no time.


I tend to use it before going to bed at night, I’m sure this winter after I’m done I’ll unplug it and put it under the blanket to warm up the bed.


after elektron’s last product, maybe ‘fire’ is a word they’d want to distance themselves from


“Syntakt is Fire! Also, heat”

yes yes and yes

But I often have cold hands, so it’s not unwelcome :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha yes the Elektron Power Handle BP-1, but to be fair I think they only received one report of it overheating but I don’t recall ever hearing of any real fire or anything. But I guess that warranted enough to recall them!

I just bought 12 Syntakt’s to heat my studio. Tried it with a few Analog Heat’s first but the Syntakt’s works way better. Makes me wonder if Elektron mixed up the name by mistake.


My Tube-Amp giggles quietly to itself… “Heat? They don’t know, what they’re talking about…”


Yeah, I’ve got a couple of tube amps, guitar is really my main instrument. But I rarely turn them on in my apartment for obvious reasons. I use a Strymon Iridium for recording guitar in here. But actually the rest of my synth and recording gear (including PC) creates a fair amount of heat inside a little studio apartment, and the Syntakt is by far the warmest. That’s not really a complaint, just an observation. My biggest issue right now is trying to figure out where I’m going to put it. It’s just kind of sitting awkwardly on top of my MIDI keyboard at the moment. I may be disconnecting Digitakt for a while until I find a way to reconfigure.

Guitar is my main instrument as well. I have a Helix Floor which is also my main audio-interface and effect processor for my synths. My old Mackie 1202 VLZ mixer is much hotter than the Syntakt, but that is second place.
My syntakt is on an IKEA ISBERGET Tablet stand on my desk, that is a perfect fit with a perfect angle - but the elektron boxes have a vesa-mount as well, so you could use a simple desk-holder for them too.

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Holy crap, I never noticed this. I dug through the manual after I read this and apparently the only mention is in the technical specs Anyway, definitely my solution. There is literally not another inch of surface area on my desk or on two dual tier keyboard stands or a four space and twelve space rack, and no room to add any more. So floating in the air on a clamp on VESA arm it is…

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Yeah, I can’t get rid of any of my Elektron gear yet. Every time I think, “Eh, I haven’t used this in a while,” I end up digging into it and making something pretty cool or discovering something I hadn’t tried before.