Syntakt + Kraftwerk

Hello everyone! In our newest video we analyze the beats of Kraftwerk - the pioneers of electronic music. It features a lot of easy to program drum patterns and demonstrates how they were used in Kraftwerk’s compositions. We used the Syntakt for a few of the drum tracks, some sound effects and a bassline. Hope you like it :slight_smile:


I just listened to that in the car. Informative and entertaining. I give “not only minalism but minimal effort” 4 Olaf Schuberts out of 5 :joy:


I gave it a 10/10 just for having “Subscribe” in Morse code.
Telegraphy is the mutts nuts…


:smile: We’re so happy someone actually found that easter egg!


Great video, but I was really hoping to learn how to make my own version of Ruckzuck on a TR-8s.


You need an instrument something like a flute.

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Yeah it would have been great if Roland had included an ACB emulation of the German flute :wink:


The “Man Machine” drum beat is another good one: snare on beat 1.

Yeah that’s a good one with all the snare rolls. Airwaves would also have been very fun to do I think :slight_smile:

very entertaining video


Great video. Love kraftwerk. Good job!

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Yes, how do you think the snare rolls were created? It’s a different sound to the main snare, which might actually be a rimshot.

You’re right, the snare on the 1, 2 and 4 sounds more like a rimshot. The rolls have more of that noisy snare wire element. The sound could be from one of their preset rhythm machines or synthesized from scratch with one of their synths. Rhythm-wise the snare rolls sound like an 1/8th note divided into 5 substeps (5 repeats across two steps) followed by a regular step.