Syntakt - MIDI help *urgent troubleshoot*


I’m on tour right now and I bought a Syntakt to add to my live rig. I’m just hooking the MIDI to my Digitakt and it’s not working / receiving clock.

Clock is set to receive. Cable is functional. Digitakt sends to my other gear no problem.

Is there anything I’m missing? Anybody have any tips? Sound check in 30 minutes. I do not have the manual.


I also updated the OS.

Check transport settings?

Yes transport is set to receive, clock is set to receive also.

And the Digitakt is set to send Transport?

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Omg I love you. Good karma to you!

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Best of luck with the gig.

I might have spoken too soon. But now that play button is working on the Syntakt and you were right Digitakt didn’t have that box checked…

It worked for 1 second and stopped. Maybe it’s because I’m using an adapter with it?

Ok now it’s working but not matching the bpm

Omg I got it… :sweat_smile: thank you Elektron community


That de-escalated quickly


do you have digitakt set to send clock?

edit: oops i see you got it now!

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