Syntakt MIDI Machine sequence not sending (track keys work)

HI there,

Thanks Elektron for Syntakt. It’s super fun, and my first Elektron piece of gear!

I am using track 8 as a midi track, I can play my keyboard on Syntakt and hear notes from my Uno Synth Pro but I can’t hear notes played from the Syntakt sequencer, and can’t seem to record live into Syntakt on that track. I can program notes in the step sequencer, but they do not ‘play’ the Uno Synth pro. Here are my settings… what am I missing?? :slight_smile:

Syntakt - midi - sync:
Clock Receive. yes
Clock Send. yes
Transport Receive
Transport Send. yes
Prog Ch Receive
Prog Ch Send yes

Syntakt - midi - Port config:
Turbo speed -
Out Port Func - midi
Thru port func - midi
input from - midi +usb
output to - midi + usb
output ch - TRK CH
Param Output - CC
Encoder Dst - INT
Receive Notes - YES
Receive CC/NRPN - YES

Syntakt Midi - Channels
All set to default – Track 8 is on Channel 8, Auto channel is on 16

Uno Synth Pro is set to receive Midi on Channel 8

I have a midi cable going out from Syntakt in to Uno synth pro. I do not have a midi cable going back from Uno Synth Pro back to Syntakt. (do I need one?)

I can hear notes play and see them trigger on the Uno Synth Pro when I play the Syntakt keyboard
but 1. can’t record live and 2. can’t punch in notes on that track either

The Syntakt track says “MID 8” n the top left. and pressing the SYN button, I see Midi settings X X in channel bank, etc.

Thanks for any help you can offer !!!

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Yes, you need a midi cable from Syntakt midi out to Uno pro midi in.

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You need to set the controlling keyboard being input to the unique Midi Auto Channel of the Syntakt (see midi channel settings, likely 13)

This allows easy external recording, you set and forget, just change the track on ST and the Auto Channel will do the rest

You might want to set Uno Synth Pro to Local Off as well.

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For the Syntakt sequencer to play the UNO you only need a midi cable from the ST out to the UNO in. However to record notes from the UNO on a ST track you’ll need a second midi cable from the uno out to the ST in. MIDI DIN is unidirectional unlike USB MIDI which is bidirectional over one cable.

Silly question but you’ve not got the midi track muted have you? That sometimes has me over on the Digitone

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Nope… track 8 is not muted. :slight_smile: There is no controlling keyboard-- i’m using the Syntakt to play in the notes. Notes are showing on the Syntakt Track 8 sequence but nothing is playing on the Uno.

there is no controlling keyboard. I’m using the Syntakt keyboard. Syntakt’s sequencer has notes in it on track 8, and it’s not playing the Uno. but when I play the Syntakt keyboard manually, it DOES play the uno. it’s only the sequencer notes that are not triggering the Uno.

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I read /my keyboard/ and jumped to conclusions. Sorry

Yes, that’s how I have it set up.

Super happy to report I figured out what was wrong. I needed to set the CH channel on the Midi Channel’s SYN page. DUH!! I thought because i had track 8 sending to Channel 8 in the overall device’s MIDI settings, that was enough, but, no, it needs to be set in the Midi Machine that is selected on the track also. :). Now, I have to figure out why the notes i play are transposed by a few octaves from the notes that play when they get recorded in the Syntakt sequencer. I’m sure i’ll figure that out soon!! anyone know the answer to that one!??! :slight_smile:


Hey Cappiels,
thank you for bringing up the thread!

Same, same, but different problem here:
Syntakt let’s me happily play a Sequential Pro3 via the Syntakt-Keyboard. Syntakt also records notes into the sequencer, but won’t play that sequence to Pro3.

Midi Machine and channel in “Midi Config” are set to 8, just as Pro3’s midi in, so is there maybe more to the issue? What am I missing?

And for curiosity’s sake: have you fixed your transposition issue?

Cheers & a great day,

Have you checked that the track is unmuted ?

yes, Sir! :slight_smile:

miraculously, setting up Pro3 set to the same midiCH 8 and run it from a different Syntakt Track (11 in this case) with a midi machine again set to Midi8 makes it work like a breeze.

I’m left to the question, what Setting makes SY Track8 refuse to play Pro3 from a recorded Sequence, while SY Track11 has no trouble doing so (with same midi-machine settings)?

Any veteran Elektronaut genius with a pointer for a noob and his best intentions??


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Odd, I’m having the same issu on channel 8. Funny thing is, it was working as intended just 30 minutes ago. But all of a sudden I’m having this exact issue. I changed the channel to 7 and now working again as intended

Makes me wonder if there’s some odd bug for midi in channel 8.

Have you ran in to this issue again? I will see if I can recreate in another session.

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Hey Atetrax, so far I’m good, I started a new project and trk8 works fine since. Yet, I still wonder why it suddenly refused service. (sure quite a pain for anyone performing live…)

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Weird. I usually use Track 8 for midi machines…

It would be interesting to make a video, and report to Elektron if this is persistent…