Syntakt Plucks, LPG and filter pinging

How do you create your favourite plucked sounds on this machine? I was doing nice stuff with my modular, and was on the fence about getting some new LPG modules, but thought, perhaps there’s machines in this box that can get close or maybe some LFO mode or something?

I would try using the analog Impulse machine to send a trigger to a resonant filter, add filter envelope with a relatively short attack and play with decay and so on. A little different from LPG sound but barely.

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Yep, and there’s also the exponential envelope on the LFO you can send in Single mode to the Filter cutoff (or detune, tune, etc, etc) if the filter envelope is hitting its limits.

For string-like plucked sounds, there are a few sweet spots on SY toy and PC carbon.
And especially if you double (or more) your tempo, the shortest delay time can do some karplus-strong effects on noise/impulse. (There’s a Digitakt factory pattern that does this, Karplused, but its tempo is 300 and the notes don’t track conventionally, but it sounds very good.)