Syntakt - Record Midi From Push 2

I’m sure I used to be able to do this with my Digitone but can’t seem to get it working with my Syntakt… Anything I’m missing?

I’d like to playback chords on my push and record them to the each sequencer track on Syntakt.

I can play chords etc on Push on each of the Ableton Syntakt Midi tracks, I hear these. What isn’t working is recording that midi information to each Syntakt track (regardless of wether record or record/play is active on the Syntakt)

Setup is:
Push 2 playing Midi to Syntakt
Syntakt Set to Overbridge


Please check out if it is the auto channel problem. At my setup config it is only possible to record midi data from ableton to elektron boxes via auto channel. Playing through different midi channels is working but not recording in my setup. Maybe i misunderstood something