Syntakt / Torso-Style Euclidian Sequencing with VCV

Hey there,

after watching today, I thought I could build a “Torso T1 - Style” Sequencing Machine in VCV and did that.

It is basically a Euclidian Rhythm Generator for the Drum-Tracks and some generative semi-random melody-generators for the Synth-Tracks with Probability, Velocity-Modulation, different clock multiples, and so on. It is clocked by the syntakt and the generated midi can be recorded into the syntakt just by pressing record…

(VCV is free, all modules are free, you would basically just need a Computer to run it…)

Before I share the patch and start writing a quick setup guide, is someone interested in this or is this a “Nope, that’s not dawless!” ?


Okay - here we go:


  1. Download and install VCV Free
  2. Register and Login
  3. Navigate to the Library and subscribe to the following Plugins:
Plugin List

  • Mindmeld
  • Submarine
  • AS
  • BOGaudio
  • Count Modula
  • Little Utils
  • alef’s bits
  • Computerscare
  • Stoermelder PackOne
  1. Open VCV Rack and Log In
  2. Install / Update the Plugins from within VCV Rack (Menu -> Library -> Update all). It will close after installing the plugins, do not reopen it.
  3. Setup your Syntakt
Syntakt Settings
  • System -> USB Config -> USB Midi
  • Midi-Config -> Sync -> Activate Clock Send, Transport Receive and Transport Send, deactivate the other options
  • Midi-Config -> Port Config -> Input From -> USB
  • Midi-Config -> Port Config -> Output to -> USB
  • Midi-Config -> Port Config -> Receive Notes -> Yes
  • Midi-Config -> Port Config -> Receive CC -> Yes
  • Midi-Config -> Channels -> Every Track should have its Midi-Channel set to the Track Number (Track 1 Channel 1)
  1. Connect your Syntakt to your PC via USB (no Installation needed)
  2. Open VCV Rack and open the Patch
  3. Select your audio interface in the Audio Module
How / Why?

We are only using Midi, but we still need to select an Audio Interface, because VCV is processing everything based on the sample rate of your Audio Interface, so we have to choose one. That does not need to be an ASIO-Device, you can simply choose WASAPI as driver and your internal soundcard.

  1. Choose Syntakt for every Midi-Module on the row
Show me

Click on “No Device” on every module in the row and select Syntakt

  1. Hit play (on your syntakt or on the left side of the control part) and have fun!


You don’t need to do anything on the lower part of the Patch, everything is controlled via the control surface in the upper part (the big image at the top). It consists of 12 Sequencers which are set up for the Init-Patch of the Syntakt.

The Drum Sequencer Thing

Tracks 1-4, 9, 10 and 12 are euclidian based sequencers:

This is where you should start. Every Knob has a mouse-over which displays the value, for example a length of 8 or a density of 50%)

  • Length: The length / number of steps of the sequence.

  • Density: The Amount of evenly distributed triggers in the sequence

  • Invert: Plays the non-triggers instead of the triggers of the sequence

  • Offset: Shifts the triggers in the sequence to the right

  • Probability: Belongs to the Trigger-Sequence and will randomly mute triggers when not at 100%

  • Steps: Applies to the Velocity-Pattern which is generated when you hit Randomize. It will create a sequence of velocity values for the trigger sequence.

  • Velocity Mod: Turn this up to hear the effect of the Velocity Sequence

  • Randomize: Generates a new Velocity Sequence

  • Clock: The speed of the sequence. If set to 16 it will trigger just like the Syntakt-Sequencer would. If you want to record the generated sequences, know that you need to change the scale of the Pattern on the syntakt if you select 32.

  • Reset: This will reset the pattern after the selected number of bars. Let’s say you have a 12 step pattern set to 8th on the clock and reset set to 2 bars, then the pattern itself will start to repeat after 1 and 1/2 bar (12 8th notes) and again after 2 bars.

  • Mute: Will mute the generated midi-sequence

The Synth Sequencer Thing

Tracks 5-8 and 11 are pattern based melodic sequencers

  • Length: The length / number of steps of the sequence.

  • Density: The Amount of evenly distributed triggers in the sequence

  • Pattern: Generates a new Pattern - the mouse-over will show the generated pattern

  • Velocity Mod: The generated Pattern has a separate Sequence for the velocity, this controls the amount the pattern is applied to the velocity.

  • Range: Sets the range between the lowest and highest note of the sequence

  • Octave: Transposes the whole pattern up and down in octaves

  • Offset: Transposes the whole pattern up and down in half-note-steps

  • Portamento: Activates Portamento on the Syntakt for the selected track

  • Porta Time: Sets the Portamento-Time on the Syntakt.

  • Clock, Reset and Mute are the same as on the Drum Tracks

The Scale Selection

This will define to what scale all sequences are quantized to. It will not set a scale in the syntakt.

  • If you experience hanging notes or other erratic behaviour, mute all tracks, and then right-click a CV-Midi-Module and hit “Panic”
  • “I opened the Patch and hit play and it did not sound like your clip” Well, yes… all sound design has to be done on the Syntakt. Start slow, mute every track and then start with a base-drum-pattern on Track 1 or 9.
  • “VCV Rack crashed” - Try opening the patch I provided and reassign the Audio and Midi-Interfaces, save that patch and restart VCV. If it still crashes while opening the patch please leave a note in this thread. I had this too, but now it works and I don’t know yet what module is the reason for the crash.
  • “So many cables!” - Yes, and a lot of fun. If you want to learn more about VCV go to their forum and/or watch a few tutorials from “Omri Cohen” on Youtube.

Syntakt Euclidian Torso Remake - No AUDIO_MIDI.vcv (22.4 KB)


Looks really interesting. Having both, I’d definitely be curious about the patch.

Did you just decide on doing either rhythmic or melodic with the initialized syntakt synths? I wonder if you’d be able to do both for each track and just set the “range” to zero to get just rhythms.

Yes, this Patch is for the Init-Patch of the Syntakt, that’s 7 drums and 5 synths, which seems to be a good combination.
But it is basically just moving around a few modules and you can have any combination of tracks. I wanted to use non-euclidian sequencers for the melody-tracks, that’s why the layout is different.

Yes, I’d love to try it.

Hell yes, this seems really cool.

I updated the first Post in this thread with the Patch and a Quick Start Guide.
Have fun!


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