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Just want your thoughts on this. I currently use my TR-8 as my dedicated drum machine alongside my DT and M:C. I am now debating on shrinking down in size and going straight DT/ST combo. Would it be worth to use the ST as just a drum machine in replace of the TR-08.

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I have owned the ST for all of 2.5 hours and do not own a TR-8 or M:C so take this with a grain of salt.

Probably? :man_shrugging:t4:

The ST has a lot of M:C sound generation DNA, but on steroids. It also has true analog voices and quite a few “machines” to get into all sorts of Roland-like sonic territory.

Will 8 digital and 4 analog tracks/voices plus the 8 sample-based tracks your DT be enough? 20 total with all that versatility seems like a lot.

You already know the UI (for the most part) from using your DT and you’ll be right at home with machines, some taken from the M:C anyway.

If you can, get the Syntakt and try to replace one or both the TR-8 and M:C in your music BEFORE you sell anything.

If, in the unlikely event, you don’t get on with the Syntakt, you can always resell it, probably for something like full price.

Personally, I like the unified workflows between my Digitakt, Digitone, and now Syntakt. I’m likely not bringing in my Circuit Mono or MicroMonsta2 back into the mix anytime soon, now that the Syntakt completes the Tiny Trinity.

You might have that backwards…ST is an amazing synth(s)

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Yeah, I misread that at first. I thought the OP was considering getting rid of the M:C as well, which is pretty redundant if one has a Syntakt.

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Having both … well it depends … :wink:

Soundwise I like the idea of the TR-8 of having a couple of Roland machines from the past in one box, no time-consuming sound design needed, and I like that we have the option to generate personalised kits from all those machines.

For me it’s a device for pure percussive sound and IMO Roland did a good job, to get the circuit-simulation right.

Sequencer-wise the TR-8 doesn’t even compare to an Elektron device.

To use the ST as a drum machine only can IMO replace many boxes, as long as we like it’s sounds. If you don’t stick to the TR-8 sounds, you get even more options for sound-design and sequencing. Don’t know how true TR-8 sounds can be patched on the ST, though.

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I’d say it depends how much you care about having access to the classic Roland drum sounds. 808 / 909 etc.

If you need / want them, then keep it, if you don’t care for them too much then don’t worry too much.

OP refers to both TR-8 and TR-08. Not sure which one they actually have.

If TR-8, it does all of the classic TR boxes, if TR-08 it is only 808.

@Karatekid can you clarify?

(your point still stands of course)

Hey DJ,

Thank you for the detailed response. I have pre ordered one and will test it out to see if it will replace my TR-8. I know it will for sure replace my M:C for sure as I fell like having it will be over kill at this point. Knowing the DT and Elektron sequencer and functions will make it easier to grasp the ST.



Correct considering replacing both TR-9 and M:C

TBH Peach only reason I liked the TR-8 was live performance and it was my master midi and everything else is slaved to it. I like the fact I can to a live rec on the fly with it and was super easy to use.

@aloud Yes sorry I was referring to the TR-8. My apologies for the confusion. The lime green one :stuck_out_tongue:

Caveat: I may be talking rubbish, because I’m yet to get hands on a Syntakt.

I think you really can’t get 909 Open Hats or Ryde with a ST.

If you don’t care about that, or you’re happy with those sounds being handled by the DT, then yeah, drums are taken care of.