Syntakt Trigger using midi to trigger LFO but not track sound

I am wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to use midi to trigger a track’s LFO without triggering the track to play it’s audio? I am trying to do something where I have different tracks effecting each other. I want to have a master midi channel, either from syntakt with loopback or some other elektron device, which triggers a kick drum to play, but I also want it to be able to trigger lfo’s on other tracks so I can do things like volume ducking (or other parameters like hi hat decay) when I get a bass drum trig.

Is there any way to do this? Besides programming everything manually in the sequencer? This question also generally applies to the digitone and digitakt as well.

I’ve tried, for using LFOs on the sound macros, and you can sequence them as trigless trigs, from the Syntakt or another Elektron device, but there’s not a way to trigger the LFO live without at least interrupting the playing sounds (if you put velocity to zero). FX track LFOs can be triggered alone if you turn the amp envelope depth to zero.

Depending on how complicated it is, you could have a 1-step MiDI control track with a trigless trig to either mute and unmute or to run on fill condition…

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Yeah, this is kinda getting to the heart of what annoys me about elektron stuff. You can do almost everything you want, but you have to map it out all beforehand and program it in exactly how you want it. I really want to be able to just record an off the cuff drum rhythm and have sidechaining and tracks effecting each other without going in and doing it surgically in the sequencer.

In this case you’re running into a limitation of the midi protocol, that it doesn’t have trigless trigs. To add ducking to midi control you could send the same midi channel to the kick and FX track. Beyond that, good luck.

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