Synth Anatomy 2021 Best Hardware Experimental Synths

Not surprised to see some familiar names like Enner, Strega, and Wingie in there. Others also look cool


Best Experimental Hardware Synths of 2020 :

  • Moog Subharmonicon
  • Eowave Quadrantid Swarm
  • Elta Music Solar 50
  • Meng Qi Wing Pinger
  • Neutral Labs Elmyra
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It’s funny, I did not get any synth on the 2020 list.

Did get one on the 2021 list.

Will fix the thread title now

The Erica Synths Matrix Mixer, and the Befaco Rebel Tech Witch, are both on my list, for potential buys from 2021.

I need to look closer at the Meng Qi Wingie.

Coming up for 2022 will be the Landscape Noon.

ADDED : Maybe.

The project to send Landscape Noon back in time to 2021 obviously failed

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Hmm… did Pluto actually make it out to regular people or only into influencers (like Synth Anatomy) hands? This thread implies no. Seems like cheating to put something on the list that the public couldn’t have.

Same with Urano

I don’t have a problem with him including Microfreak as that was indeed a huge update

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I don’t think Pluto is even in Modern Sounds hands yet. Not according to their latest update e-mail. They’re still waiting for parts. That’s a 2022 to me, but that’s an editorial decision with SA.

I definitely am interested in Pluto too.

Interesting to consider all the different kinds of “Experimental” there can be.

It’s supposed to be a list of experimental hardware synths released in 2021.

But English is not his first language, so who knows what his understanding of the word “release” actually is.

Does it count as a release if the synth is announced in 2021 but does not arrive in customers’ hand within 2021? I guess in his mind it does

There is a Fiscal Year, and a Calendar Year.
Maybe there is a Release Year ?

There’s also Lunar Year.

At this point I’m just posting to see which of us gets the warning first from the forum software, for being the only 2 people to post on this thread

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I was waiting for the same.
At least obscurerobot gave us a like.

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He clearly explained it in the article.

The first pre-production run of Modern Sounds Pluto were released in January 2021. More coming soon as well as the final price.

What counts is, that the development is done. Waiting for parts…well that’s bad circumstances. I am on the waiting list too….

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I like the two articles, and hopefully future years as well. It’s nice to collect things up together to think about and compare. It’s their article, so they get to pick the best.

We as readers though are also allowed to put asterisks next to the Pluto and the MicroFreak as being in 2021.

The Pluto looks pretty cool, like a less bleep and ping version of Lorre Mill Double Knot.