Synth engines

does somebody know where i can find information about the physical percussion sound generator of the voice circuit in the AR. does elektron disclose the architecture of the circuits and the way how the machines use them?

I found this: "The BD, SD, and RS/CP voices all have a drum sound generator that is basically a small but very flexible dual-oscillator synthesizer capable of a wide array of percussive and electronic sounds. In addition to this, the RS/CP voice has a special circuitry for rimshot synthesis.

The BT voice has a resonant single-oscillator percussion sound generator capable of deep toms and classic boomy bass drum sounds.

The LT and MT/HT voices also have resonant single-oscillator percussion sound generators, but of a more general percussion nature.

The CH/OH voice has a six-oscillator metallic sound generator with several different synthesis methods for creating hihat sounds.

The CY/CB voice also has a six-oscillator metallic sound generator, but with several methods of synthesizing cymbals and cowbells."

but I would be interested in some more detailed information…

So there are 21 oscillators in this thing?